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November is here, and ‘tis the season… to go hiking!  (Now, don’t argue—it’s true.)  While the usual tourist traffic tends to slow down quite a bit during this month, all the savviest locals know that now is prime hiking season.  If you hate boiling in the summer sun and love the crisp, cold breezes of the first hints of winter, then this is the best time to come to Kanab and soak up the amazing scenery.  Most mornings dawn clear, cold, and dry, and on days blessed with a bit of moisture, those magical snowflakes have a way of sifting into every crack and crevice of the red-rock bluffs and buttes, outlining each tiny detail in frosty glory that catches the gentler winter sunlight and shows hikers a whole different face of the desert. Photographers, make sure your cameras are charged up and ready to go—winter hiking in Utah and Arizona is second to none. 
Whether it’s winter, summer, or any season in between, there are a few vital supplies that make all the difference to the success of your desert hike.  The first?  Water, water, and more water.  (Yes, we know that you know.  But do you really know?)  Dreamland urges every guest to bring at least two liters of water per person for any full-day hike… and in the heat of summer, bump that up to 3-4 liters per person to be safe.  But just drinking plain water isn’t enough.  In fact, drinking too much water without replenishing essential electrolytes can actually be dangerous, and this brings us to the second ingredient to safe, successful hiking:  electrolyte powder.  “What’s an electrolyte?” I hear you ask. Basically, electrolytes are minerals that your body needs to keep healthy, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, and phosphorus.  Depleted during perspiration, electrolyte levels can make all the difference between a strong, energetic hike… or not having the energy to go the distance. Our Dreamland guides always provide a good supply of electrolytes from GU Energy Labs for our guests, but it’s just a good hiking practice to bring your own as well and add it straight into your drinking water for easy access during your hike.  Learn about this and other essential backcountry gear by moseying on over to the Guides’ Gear Corner for more details… 
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And speaking of cold-weather hiking, we’ve been doing quite a bit of it these days.  With the help of guides Nathalie Bowman and Mel Rader, Dreamland co-owner Sunny Stroeer led not just one, but two multi-day backpacking trips through the elusive and hauntingly beautiful Paria Canyon.  For the second hike, Dasher the indomitable husky—Dreamland’s much-loved mascot and all-around awesome “shop-dog”—dove in paws-first and eagerly led the way through all the fascinating twists and turns the Paria had to offer.  With her brand-new, specially designed backpack, she proudly did her fair share of the work, too, carrying her own supplies and following the sacred “Leave No Trace” rules of the trail by packing out everything that she packed in.  Her human companions even bestowed a hard-earned trail name upon her, and the endearing term “Sweet Cheeks” has now been added to her ever-growing list of epithets.  Want an in-depth look at Dasher’s exploits on the trail?  
Check out this awesome video! 
Dasher Explores Paria Canyon | Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Area
Buckskin Gulch
Paria Canyon
If that glimpse of the Paria sparked your interest in pursuing some remote hiking opportunities of your own, then Dreamland has just the thing for you.  Our 2023 Paria & Buckskin Gulch multi-day backpacking tours are ready to be booked and just waiting for intrepid hikers like you to embrace the challenge.  Whether you prefer to take on our ever-popular Buckskin Backpack excursion (May 19-21) and brave the deep-shadowed curves of the world’s longest slot canyon, or if you’d like to follow in Dasher’s footsteps and join one of our all-women Paria Backback trips (March 25-31 & October 21-27), we’ve got a range of options to choose from.  So what’re you waiting for?  These specialized excursions provide all the essential guiding, route-finding, shuttles, and support while still satisfying your inner daredevil with pristine, hard-to-reach backcountry wanderings, so hop on board and join us for the adventure of a lifetime.
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Parting words. 
As of Daylight-Saving Time on November 6th, Utah and Arizona are now officially back in the same time zone, and boy, are we stoked!  Celebrate with us by booking a tour to the Vermilion Cliffs area—White Pocket is hands-down our most popular destination in any season.  
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**Our tour prices will increase on December 1st in preparation for 2023, so book soon to lock in the current pricing for your next adventure.**
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