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Welcome back to the latest edition of Dreamland’s Desert Post!  As always, we’re keeping busy with all sorts of hiking endeavors, and it’s never boring out here in the high desert.  From an early “surprise” snowstorm that brought us a pre-Halloween taste of winter to permit lottery updates and a whole host of tour and merchandise opportunities, we’ve got a little something for everyone in this newsletter, so read on to find out more about all of our latest adventures… 
You may remember that the famous Wave lottery transitioned to an online process earlier this year.  Well, now the in-person South Coyote Buttes lottery will soon be a thing of the past as it too moves onto the website, and while we’re sad to see the traditional lottery system vanish, we do want to make sure that all of our guests are aware of what the new ground rules will be.  The good news is that the process will be identical to the online “daily” Wave lottery process.  Starting November 2nd, 2022, South Coyote Buttes permit hopefuls will need to be within that same geo-fence area, (which extends north of Kanab to just beyond Glendale, UT, east to just beyond Page, AZ, west to near the closest edge of the Kaibab Paiute Reservation, and south to Jacob Lake and Marble Canyon, AZ).  You’ll need to submit the $9 application two days before you want to hike between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.  If you win permits, they will notify you that evening, and you will need to accept and pay for the permit online by 8 a.m. the next morning, then pick up the permit promptly at 9 a.m. (in either Kanab or Page) and attend a mandatory safety briefing.  The hike will commence on the day after that.  …And if that sounded confusing, then just sign up for our “Conditional” South Coyote Buttes tour, and we’ll do our best to snag permits on your behalf.
Learn More About Permits
At Dreamland, we’re all about forging new connections between disparate groups of people, creating fantastic memories to last a lifetime, and building a worldwide community of outdoor enthusiasts who come together to experience the very best of the desert’s raw, wild, backcountry beauty.  At its most ideal, this philosophy and approach can create unforgettable—even transformative—experiences for folks who never knew just how much they were capable of until they gave it a try.  About a week ago, we had the privilege of hosting just such an event: a one-of-a-kind, complimentary “Creator Retreat” that we organized, funded, and led for an eclectic group of content creators and influencers within the travel arena.  Over the course of several days, this group had the opportunity to convene at the incomparable White Pocket and bond over yoga sessions, conversation circles, and astrophotography workshops led by Dreamland co-owner Sunny Stroeer and desert guides Shawn Turner and Annabelle D’Artois.  And even though the weather gave us a run for our money—flipping from bright and sunny to cold and rainy, and then topping everything off with a solid layer of early snow!—everyone remained buoyantly positive and took the unexpected conditions in their stride.  All in all, the trip was a super-success, with one of the participants even inviting his newfound trail-friends to attend his upcoming wedding celebrations.  Dreamland would also like to send a shout-out to our wonderful guests who agreed to join us on this adventure; each one of them is an accomplished professional in their own right, and we’d like to invite you to check out their excellent content at the links and handles below:
Becky Wood: @bonjourbecky

Grey Stone: @isbeeracarb 

Darcy Vasudev: @beingdarcy

Morgan Tilton: @motilton

Alexandria Garcia: @alexandramariagarcia_

Luke Kelly: @lukekellytravels 

Yvonne Leow: @yvonneleow

Allison Roskelley: @alliroskelley 
Dreamland’s 2023 Calendar is ready to go, and we’re especially proud of this new edition.  Why? Because each and every month features a top-notch photograph taken by one of our guides and captures the essence of an authentic, boots-on-the-trail hiking experience out in the high desert.  There’s no better way to catch a sincere, unscripted glimpse of the amazing sights our expert guides get to experience on a daily basis, and we can’t wait to share these fantastic moments with you: 

A snow-capped White Pocket gleaming in the winter sun…. 
The heat-shimmering, stone-river ripples of the famous Wave… 
Turbulent thunderheads looming over the Grand Staircase expanse… 
           Elusive tendrils of light tiptoeing through secret slot canyons
                          Sleepy owlets blinking in the new light of day…

 …And so many more!  A grand shout-out to all of the amazing Dreamland guides for capturing their intrepid wanderings on camera for all of us to enjoy.  Snag yourself a copy at our online shop; we’ll mail it right to your doorstep. They make a great Christmas present for your adventurous family and friends, too! 
Buy the 2023 Desert Dreams Calendar
We’ve told you a lot about all the amazing backcountry destinations we explore on a regular basis, but did you know that our humble little town of Kanab also has quite an illustrious history of its own?  Its origins, like many of its neighbors, may have been entrenched in Mormon pioneer history and the ranching industry, but its truly unique appeal lies in the development of its immense popularity to the world of filmmaking.  Thanks to the entrepreneurial efforts of several of its citizens in the 1910s and 1920s, Kanab soon became affectionately known as “Little Hollywood” for its ideal placement amongst some of the most striking desert scenery ever to be immortalized on the big screen.  Big-name actors like John Wayne, James Garner, Ronald Reagan, Sammy Davis, Jr., and many others flocked to the Kanab area to fulfill their legendary roles in western after western, and several much-loved television series found their home here as well, including the famous Gunsmoke, whose crumbling film set still draws many old-time fans to gawk at the remnants and reminisce fondly about its heyday.  Even today, Kanab’s cinematographic tradition continues as filmmakers are occasionally drawn to include the area in their projects.  Most recently, Nicolas Cage’s 2018 horror film Looking Glass included a number of key scenes that were shot at the Aiken’s Lodge in the center of town.  (Incidentally, if you ever happen to have a tour with Dreamland guide Shawn Turner, be sure to ask him about his personal experience helping on set!) 
Parting words. 
And speaking of cinematic endeavors… don’t forget to check out Dreamland’s sleek new homepage design.  We’ve curated and incorporated our most eye-catching video clips to give everyone a tantalizing taste of all the adventures that await. 

Travel safe and keep on exploring!
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