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FAB16, Fab City Summit

and COVID-19 
Dear Fab Lab Network,

This is an update on how FAB16 and Fab City Summit are responding to the coronavirus.

Your health and safety is our first priority.  We are very concerned about the pandemic, we're tracking it daily, and we will be following government and health officials' recommendations and requirements as we plan for FAB16/Fab City Summit.

For the moment Communautique, the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT and Fab Foundation are still planning to host FAB16 and the Fab City Summit in Montreal, July 27- August 2 at McGill University. Although these are large, international events, the governments of Canada and Québec have not yet put any restrictions on large events for the FAB16/Fab City Summit time period. We are monitoring the situation daily, and we will keep you informed of any changes or restrictions.

Simultaneously, we are working on developing a virtual event, should it become necessary.  We have already planned for remote participation in parts of the conference such that fellow fabbers from across the world can participate by video.  But in light of coronavirus, we are exploring technology options and costs for hosting a virtual conference for the fab lab community -- including panels, talks, working groups and workshops, even hands-on workshops. 

We will keep you informed if the government should put in place restrictions. You can follow the evolution of the government's recommendations here:

Travel to Canada 

If refunds should become necessary, please see the FAB16 website registration page for policy and procedure. 

Stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you online or in person soon!  

Regular hand washing is considered a simple and effective method to protect yourself and your community from the coronavirus and other communicable infections and diseases.

According to research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 78% of people say they wash their hands often but only 25% actually wash their hands after using the toilet, and only 20% wash their hands before cooking.

Check out this fun and crazy TikTok video meme, started by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health on how to properly wash your hands!  (Click on photo to watch. It will cheer you up!) #GhenCovyChallenge
Ted Hung's daughter Nixie, Fab Lab Taipei's newest prototype.   
Alejandra Diez and Rafael Machado from Fab Lab la Campana celebrate the arrival of Luciana!
Daniel Smithwick from Fab Foundation welcomes Io Gaia Faye Smithwick. She’s named after a moon of Jupiter, he also likes the and I/O references!


This year Fab Academy launched its first ever Fab Academy Instructors Bootcamp at the Kochi Fab Lab in Kerala, India.  Co-hosted by Kerala Startup Mission, the Center for Bits & Atoms and the Fab Foundation,  it was attended by instructors from across the world:  Peru, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Bahrain, Kenya, USA,  India and others!  

During this dynamic, 6-day, intensive development workshop, Fab Academy instructors went through all aspects of teaching Fab Academy and developed

pathways to integrate new materials, processes, and practices into the course under the supervision of Prof. Neil Gershenfeld, Director and Founder of the Fab Academy program. 

Participants also had the opportunity to attend the opening of the new multi-million dollar Super Fab Lab facility, co-located with the Kochi Fab lab,  on January 25th, 2020.

India's first Super Fab Lab was inaugurated at the Integrated Startup Complex of the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) in Kochi, Kerala on Saturday, January 25, at the hands of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. This is the first Super Fab Lab built by MIT outside of the USA. 

The KSUM Super Fab Lab was designed and installed in collaboration with the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT with support from the Fab Foundation's guru team: Francisco Sanchez, Sibu Salman, Luciano Betoldi. The Super Fab Lab is situated in a spacious new 10,000 square foot construct. It has state-of-the-art digital fabrication machines valued at more than ₹7 crore, enabling researchers, innovators and developers to go beyond the capabilities of other fab labs in India, to include R&D, high precision prototyping, manufacturing at small scale and more. The KSUM Super Fab Lab will enable the state's entrepreneurs to design and produce robust, reliable, high-precision machines locally, giving India's hardware industry a tremendous boost.

Read More Here


Fab Care is a global Initiative to support fab labs, makerspaces and hackerspaces worldwide in creating personalized solutions for people with physical challenges to improve their quality of life. 

Fab Care has created a survey to understand who in our network is already working in assistive technologies and who would be interested in getting involved. We are creating a working group in which different labs and makers can collaborate, discuss topics and organize events around assistive technologies. We want your input!

Participate in the Survey here


Welcome Djibouti Fab Lab!  In partnership with International Organization for Migration (IOM), Terre des Hommes (TdH),  
Meraki Lab and Fab Foundation, the Djibouti Fab Lab opened its doors to the community in January. Thank you to Fabber Enrico Bassi for installing the lab and mentoring this great community into the Network!
3D Printing is Changing the World | VICE on HBO. 

This episode of VICE explores 3D-printing innovations, which "in recent years have brought a sea change in the fabrication of everything from automobile parts to human bio-tissues."  Check out Gershenfeld and team as they talk about the work at the Center for Bits and Atoms (07:30 mins into the video). Click on the photo to watch!
4th EDITION, September 2020-March 2021

Applications for 2020-2021 are now OPEN! 

Do you want to learn how to innovate in the textile industry and create the wearables of the future?

Fabricademy,  a new textile academy at the intersection of textiles, digital fabrication and biology, is inviting student and host site applications from those who want to join our vision and practices for transforming the textile industry.  Labs and individuals interested in learning new skills and bringing sustainable solutions to the industry can 


For further information contact us at


The 11th Edition of the Fab Academy Program began in late January.  It started  this year with more than 70 fab lab nodes from  30+ countries  and  250+ students in the largest campus of the world. The Fab Academy is part of Academany, the Academy of (almost) Anything program which includes most of our network-wide educational programs.

Welcome to all students of the 2020 cohort! We wish you great success in How to Make (almost) Anything. We'll be celebrating as you graduate in Montreal in July! 

If you're not taking Fab Academy and want to keep up with the program follow them on Youtube ChannelFacebook, Twitter or Instagram.
The Fiore Basile "Bit Ninja" FABx Scholarship

Many FabAcademy and Fabricademy students 
will be unable to attend their graduation at FAB16 due to distance and lack of resources.

In memory of Fiore Basile, our beloved Bit Ninja,  we’ve created an annual scholarship fund to help Academany students attend their graduation, this year in Canada! .

Let’s help our Fab Students participate in FAB16! Watch Video  


See below for more information regarding FAB16 Montreal


Key Biscayne Community Foundation is searching for a Senior Program Manager for the Liberty City Fab Lab. The Senior Program Manager will oversee the operation of the Fab Lab and deliver programming to children and youth in Liberty City. The goal of the Liberty City Fab Lab is to inspire careers in STEM through students’ hands-on experience with digital fabrication tools.

Read more here

To apply, send your resume to 

NuVu Studio is calling for applications for its NuVuX Design Education Fellowship.  The NuVuX Fellow will be an instructor based at one of our partner schools who will assist in the development of studio projects and programs at the K-12 level. The Fellow, in conjunction with Coaches from NuVu in Cambridge MA, will be a key resource for students in the design and execution of projects over the course of the school year. The Fellow will be responsible for leading studios in which they brainstorm, design, and create with the students. They also work alongside other Coaches and experts from various fields in a dynamic studio setting. An ideal candidate is passionate about education and excited about expanding their own knowledge and creativity.
To apply, send a letter of interest, resume, and portfolio to Emily Glass at

Read more here



The Maker Ed Institute is from June 22nd–June 26th, 2020 and dives deeply into curriculum design, program planning, and assessment. It’s all wrapped up in a week-long experiential package, at the Maker Ed Community Studio and makerspace in Berkeley, California. Registration is offered on a sliding scale. This is a great opportunity to reflect on your practice as an educator in the company of peers and colleagues! 

APPLY HERE                                  
Read more here 



The Infosys Foundation USA is pleased to host its third annual Pathfinders Summer Institute in Bloomington, Indiana from July 19-24, 2020. This is a unique professional development opportunity in computer science and maker education.

All K-12 US public school teachers from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Special consideration will be given to teachers from high-needs schools and under-represented communities, those new to teaching CS and maker education, and to districts that demonstrate a commitment to sending multiple teachers to Pathfinders.

For more information visit: Infosys website



JULY 27 - AUG 2, 2020

Each year members from the global Fab Lab network of more than 1800 labs gather to share, make, think, learn and collaborate around diverse local and global issues and interests that relate to digital manufacturing, innovation, technology and societal impact.

In 2020 FAB16 is being hosted by a great team in Montreal, Canada. Mark your calendars today, and plan to experience the largest, greatest digital fabrication conference in the world!

Read more here 
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