Dear Fab Lab Community,

The brutal invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine and inhumane tactics against its civil population have led to the worst humanitarian crisis Europe has seen since WW2 with nearly 3,000,000 refugees fleeing the country. The crisis is growing worse each day as the war continues.  FabFoundation strongly condemns this war that Putin and the Russian government is waging on Ukraine and its people.

We stand by and support our Ukrainian brothers and sisters and are deeply moved by the outpouring of support from the community. At this moment - the safety and well-being of the Ukrainian people is our first and foremost priority. After the acute immediate humanitarian crisis is dealt with - we will provide support to rebuild the community. In the days and weeks to come we are gathering and exploring ways to help and will be publishing them here.

We would also like to acknowledge the complexity of politics surrounding the state-funded fab labs in Russia. We cannot possibly understand the forces that come to bear upon these labs in their current situation, and feel we are not in a position to judge. This does not mean we support the Russian State, in fact, quite the opposite. We recognize and acknowledge the distinction between individuals and states.  And we welcome fab labs and makerspaces that share our values wherever they are, meaning spaces that provide inclusive and equitable access to education and  technology through collaborative social benefit, sustainability, and economic development programs that make positive impact in their communities.

The first fab lab in Ukraine, IZOLAB, was destroyed in 2014 and its premises turned into a military prison in the lead up to Russia’s occupation of Crimea and establishment of the breakaway states in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Since then, a network of fab labs and makerspaces has been established across Ukraine.   Most of the humanitarian focused fab labs have been destroyed in this war, as have other community fab labs and makerspaces. Some lab managers have managed to get out of the country safely,  and others have gone silent. We are deeply concerned about the tragic loss of life, of home, of the ability to communicate, of the safety and security of our friends and colleagues in Ukraine. 

Please contact us at if you have resources and ideas to offer help, or  if you are in Ukraine or any of the neighboring countries that are receiving and hosting refugees and you need the support of the fab lab network.

We have listed a few ways below, and this list will grow and change frequently.

In Europe

You can help by donating to the numerous organisations that have mobilised in the EU Member States to support people from Ukraine seeking protection in the EU. You can also support people in Ukraine, by donating through the major relief organisations active on the ground and that are coordinating assistance to Ukraine.

Visit their websites to find out how to donate here

Host a Refugee 

Financial Help to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the People
Click on each image below to get more information 

Defend Ukraine

Impact Your World

Help Ukraine Center

Save the Children

Host a Refugee with Aribnb

Ukraine Relief Efforts

Ukraine World Congress

Open your fab lab to refugee children, provide them a safe place to continue to learn and be with caring adults: 

Tech Community and Initiatives:

Reserve power systems by Echo Fab
Read more here
🇺🇦Aide à l'Ukraine🇺🇦 Design by Echo Fab**
Read more here
**The above  link leads to a Call to Makers for 3D printed tourniquets. As with any device that involves health and emergency aid, extreme care and thought must be exercised before engaging in production of new devices, as they must be reviewed, tested and approved by professionals in the medical field.  GLIA (a Canadian open source medical design house) just posted this Medium post about the issues they are seeing with the Danish maker response & CTA to produce thousands of tourniquets. (Open Source Medical Supply (OSMS) is interested in tracking and facilitating best open source medical designs and efforts. They have just put out this poll:, and would appreciate your help in tracking.)

Fab Foundation and the global community uphold our values of social responsibility, collaboration, sustainability, and democratizing access to the tools and knowledge of technology innovation to improve lives and livelihoods across the world. We are global citizens, working together to build a peaceful, secure and prosperous future for all.  We use these values and this strong network to support Ukraine.

With peace and love in partnership,

The Fab Foundation

This newsletter is produced by the Fab Foundation under Creative Commons license: CC BY (Attribution)
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