inLeague Anniversary Edition Development Update

inLeague's development efforts have been focused on our next-gen application platform since May of 2020. It's the most significant architectural change to our software ever. Our 20th anniversary edition update unifies mobile app and browser development so that all of our features will be available to all of our users, all the time, whether they're on a tablet, a phone, a laptop, or a desktop (and optimizes for mobile devices all of our functions that needed it!); it brings to the table everything we've learned over two decades about building software for families and youth sports.

We're pleased to announce that everyone will get a first look at our Anniversary Edition update for your Fall 2021 season in the form of a new mobile app. inLeague will be retiring the existing inLeague Mobile platform in early August of 2021 and replacing it with the mobile (and first public) edition of our 20th Anniversary application. The new mobile app has the same features as the current one, but they have been re-written and brought up-to-date using the same process we're applying to our entire software suite.

Interested beta-testers can contact us at within the next couple of weeks, but be on the lookout for a public release in early August!

Volunteer Certifications & eTrainU

AYSO has announced the migration of their learning management platform to eTrainU. This governs (among other things) the mechanism through which inLeague retrieves certifications for our volunteers. 

In the short term, inLeague will continue to receive new volunteer certifications from eAYSO and AYSO's legacy learning management system. 

In the medium term, we anticipate collaborating with eTrainU to unify the training and certification "pipeline" so that all AYSO certification data is coming from a single source. This change should be transparent to inLeague users, excepting the structure of the certification data -- that is, inLeague intends to seamlessly "point" our system at eTrainU when we are ready to flip the switch, but the specific names and categories of certifications are likely to change as AYSO leverages new and improved functionality with eTrainU.

No action is required from inLeague users.

Sterling Background Checks - Due by August 1!

All inLeague users with team, division, or league-wide access -- everyone from coaches to division coordinators to schedulers to league administrators -- must have their background check for MY2021 completed by August 1, 2021. Users who have not completed their background check by 8/1/2021 will have their access temporarily suspended until their background check is complete.

AYSO recently communicated to all regions a change in the implementation of the timeline for background checks: instead of being tied to a membership year, future background checks will be valid for a year with an additional grace period. This change does not yet apply to inLeague regions: while we anticipate unifying our implementation of the background check process with Stack Sports', doing so requires integration with Stack in lieu of our existing AYSO/E3 integration. This change is in the planning stages and we hope to have a roadmap and timeline within the next couple of months and to be using calendar date-based background checks instead of Membership Year-based background checks in 2022!

In the meantime, background checks for inLeague are tied to the season for which the volunteer is registering: a volunteer who registered for Spring 2021 in March of 2021 received an MY2020 background check; a volunteer who registered for Fall 2021 the same month received an MY2021 background check. This and other frequently asked questions about the volunteer registration process are available in our on-line documentation.

Finally, AYSO recently resolved an issue that was preventing results from Sterling from reaching inLeague. All outstanding results were sent by Friday, July 16th.  
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