inLeague HealthAware: A Daily COVID Questionnaire
The first version of our HealthAware Daily Survey is now live!

Due to the prominence of the buttons and notifications associated with HealthAware, it is not enabled by default. Instructions on enabling and configuring HealthAware can be found in our user manual:

inLeague User Guide: HealthAware

Please note that we anticipate integrating referees assigned to today's games into the team status report. This will likely be released just after Labor Day, but it may appear this afternoon if we can find enough coffee!

Stripe is now Live!

We are thrilled to announce the first phase of our integration with Stripe is complete, and all of our current payment systems have been updated to support Stripe accounts. Leagues that have completed the Stripe signup process are now using these accounts by default (unless you have been notified otherwise!)

Please note that any ongoing event signups will need to have the individual event's merchant account changed to Stripe -- inLeague cannot do this for you unless you have a large number of events on or after a certain date that you would like updated in bulk.

If your league has not completed the Stripe signup process, please contact inLeague Support to request a setup link. All Paysafe/ accounts will cease to accept new transactions from inLeague after October 31, 2020.  Once you have completed the transition to Stripe, you may close your old Paysafe accounts once you know you will not need to issue any refunds against those transactions. This makes it likely that you should keep these accounts open through the beginning of 2021 -- but set a reminder! Don't leave old merchant accounts active for a day longer than is necessary.

We anticipate a number of enhancements to our payments and invoicing systems over the next year, particularly as we adapt our new, forthcoming software platform to leverage Stripe's capabilities. We are excited about the possibilities and looking forward to showing off what we've been working on for the last several months!
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