20th Anniversary Timeline & Pricing Update

Beta in Late March; Release in Late April/Early May

Development continues on schedule for the Spring release of our 20th Anniversary registration platform. 

We will be contacting league administrators, registrars, and regional commissioners in late March to organize access to a beta test of the new platform (both browser and mobile) that we anticipate will last 3-4 weeks before the public release.

Blog Entries: New Features & Pricing Model

We've just published two blog entries going into detail about our 20th Anniversary release and the changes to our pricing model we first announced last Fall. They will be live in mid-April for Fall 2022 registration, so check out our Founder's Blog: The Short Version: All of our existing fees (per-player fees; AYSO integration fees; monthly hosting fees; supplemental Competition fees) are going away and will be replaced by a $3 + 3% per-transaction charge, deducted automatically, from almost all transactions facilitated by inLeague, whether for registration, events, or invoices.

There are exceptions with lower fees (team/tournament transactions) or no fees (donations and sponsorships) -- please see our blog for more details!

Updated Operating Agreements will be going out to all leagues. The language relating to fees has been streamlined (it's quite a lot shorter!) and reflects the new model.

Name and DOB Changes, Certifications

Affinity Association Synchronization Completed
inLeague is pleased to report that the integration built out over the last several months with Stack Sports and eTrainU is performing better than previous incarnations. New certifications, coach licenses, referee grades, and changes to volunteer or player names and dates of birth are transmitted to inLeague very quickly; while the lag between a volunteer certification appearing in AYSO's records and showing up in inLeague had got down to a day or two in 2021, it is in many cases only a few seconds now.

All inLeague volunteers from MY2017 on, and all inLeague players registered in MY2021 have been synchronized with Affinity, the new AYSO Association Management platform operated by Stack Sports. Our previous newsletter covered this in more detail, but as a reminder:
  • Name & DOB: All name and date of birth changes for registered players or volunteers must be submitted through Affinity.
  • Affinity Access: Regional Commissioners are automatically given access to Affinity by the AYSO National Office. They can empower registrars or other board members to make these changes. 
  • Editing from inLeague: Players and volunteers who have not ever registered can still have these details edited from inLeague. The 20th Anniversary Edition update will allow these edits to player records, and also change the user registration process so that DOB is no longer required for all users but collected during volunteer registration, along with the option to confirm your full and legal name to reduce the number of background check mis-fires. 
  • Legacy AYSOU Courses: The legacy AYSOU system is being retired effective March 31st, 2022. Volunteer training completed in AYSOU will be migrated to eTrainU, Affinity, and inLeague. This is a manual process. Volunteers who have completed AYSOU courses within the last few weeks should see those certifications appearing after 3/7/2022.
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