inLeague News: March 2020

Development Plans for 2020 - 2021

All-New Application and Mobile Interface Next Year

One of the most frequent requests we get at inLeague is to add features from the "main" web app to inLeague mobile.

One of the second most frequent requests we get at inLeague is to spruce up the user interface for the "main" app -- particularly on mobile devices.

We're pleased to announce that inLeague has committed to a complete overhaul of its front-end and mobile experience.

Unified Development: One App For All Devices

One of the challenges with our traditional application architecture that implementing a mobile version often required some duplicate effort.

inLeague is rebuilding our entire front-end interface using VueJS and Quasar, two established, proven technologies that will enable us to leverage much of what we've built over the years while providing the tools we need for modern, front-end application and mobile development.  

Baby: Yes. Bathwater: No

It's a tremendous development effort, but it will co-exist with our current application until we've completed the transition for all our features. We're starting by re-imagining our registration system using everything we've learned handling hundreds of thousands of players over the years, and we'll be reaching out to many of our leagues for their input and assistance.

COVID-19 and Development Changes for MY2020

inLeague is committed to supporting our leagues and their families. Here's what we're doing to secure a stable path forward:

  • We've rolled out an event bulk refund tool that is available from the event roster page. It will maintain the list of sign-ups for archival and communication purposes but allow you to issue partial or full refunds to one, some, or all registrants.
  • We are exploring the possibility of the same sort of tool that would be applicable to core AYSO registrations. 
  • inLeague has always been a remote office, so it's business as usual here; however, we are operating with a reduced staff in anticipation of a reduction in development and seasonal revenue. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  • Please be sure to read our update regarding inLeague fees and billing policies.

Finally, we anticipate a reduced amount of development on our "traditional" application for 2020 as we shift our focus to a new application platform. We will still be fixing bugs and adding some new features; much of the work we perform on our legacy platform now can be re-purposed for the future, but until the future brings a little more certainty, we are doing the same thing that everyone is doing: trying to make a little go a long way!

Refunds After 120 Days: Paperwork Required

A common limitation in credit card processing today is a 90-day window during which refunds may be issued. We were able to secure a 120 day default window through With heightened security standards becoming commonplace, payment gateways don't want to maintain records containing full credit card numbers any longer than they have to. This is a change from previous years but it turns out to have been more extraordinary that we we were able to support this feature for as long as we were than that it is no longer available in quite the same manner.

Having said that, we understand that extended refund periods are a key business requirement for many of our leagues. We are working with and your merchant services company, Paysafe, to restore this functionality. It appears likely that we will be able to do so in short order, but each Paysafe account owner will need to complete and submit an application for Expanded Credit Capabilities ("ECC") and submit it to through the gateway login. We have been advised by that, when justifying your request for ECC, it is essential that you document the requirement as an ordinary characteristic of the nature of your business rather than having anything to do specifically with COVID-19. 
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