Stack, Affinity, and eTrainU

Major Changes Affecting Certifications and Registration
AYSO is has completed the migration from their legacy "E3" system to Affinity, the National Association Management Platform maintained by Stack Sports. Spring 2022 will be the last season for which any player or volunteer data is sent to E3, but there are a number of changes that will impact how inLeague functions well in advance of Fall 2022 registration. Please bear with us as we update our online documentation with all of the information in this newsletter.

Fall 2022 registration will be available in late April or early May. No registrations will be accepted or processed for MY2022 on the existing, legacy platform. We are targeting late March for an invited beta test of the new registration platform.

Short-Term Changes (names, dates of birth, certificates):
  • Due to the manner in which Affinity interacts with volunteer and player data, changes to volunteers' or players' first and last names or dates of birth can no longer be made from inLeague. They must be made from Affinity; the updates will then be sent to inLeague very quickly and the relevant inLeague records will be updated.
  • Certification data from AYSOU has become obsolete and all new certification data comes from eTrainU and Affinity. AYSO has streamlined the number and types of "certificates" relevant to each volunteer;  Between coach, referee, Safe Haven, and other categories, AYSOU had 215 different "certificates" (some of which were courses, and some of which were certificates). eTrainU has fewer than 30 certificates. All inLeague certificate data has been migrated to the new scheme and these changes are live.
Medium-Term (Fall 2022 Registration: Coach preference and Survey forms):
  • The optional coach preferences form in use by a couple of regions has been retired. Most, but not all of the data on this form is now collected elsewhere. Future functionality may support league-specific volunteer registration questions.
  • The family registration survey in use by Region 76 has been retired.
Logging into SportsConnect Affinity / Association Management (RCs / Administrators Only):
  • Login URL: : 
  • While all active inLeague volunteers exist in Affinity, only Regional Commissioners have administrative access. They can grant access to registrars or other board members. 
  • Your username is your email address.
  • Your password is not set initially (it is not your inLeague password) and must be initialized via the Forgot Password link on the SportsConnect / Affinity login page.
  • The process for updating volunteer or player data in Affinity is straightforward. However, inLeague staff have no visibility into the Affinity platform and cannot provide access or troubleshoot it; the AYSO National Office can assist and will enlist inLeague when opportunities arise to make the process easier still!

eTrainU: Signing In and Training

eTrainU integration is now live!
eTrainU is accessible from the same graduation cap icon that formerly led to the AYSOU portal!

No credentials are required to login to eTrainU! Your inLeague account authenticates you to access eTrainU. You must be logged into inLeague and navigate to eTrainU.

All existing inLeague volunteers from MY2017 or later are eligible to access eTrainU now. For Spring 2022, new volunteers will become eligible within an hour or two of registering with AYSO. Beginning with Fall 2022, volunteers will be eligible as soon as they complete the volunteer registration process for the first time.

Certification Data Migration

All coach, referee, and Safe Haven/Safety certification data has been migrated to the new certification system. We are reviewing the imported data for accuracy; please allow us a few days to work through it before we provide an avenue for questions about missing certifications.

While only certification data is available from inLeague, course history is still available from eTrainU. It may take up to a week for that data migration to finish, but the resulting coach and referee certificates should all be present. 

AYSOU Accessible Through March 31, 2022

Volunteers may continue to access AYSOU through the end of March, and any courses completed will be imported to eTrainU with the resulting certifications appearing in inLeague with a slight delay. 

eTrainU Training: AMA, Administrators, and Instructors

These official AYSO training sessions cover eTrainU for administrators and instructors. Sessions #1 and #2 are identical.

AYSO will be offering separate training covering the Affinity Association platform the week of February 21st; we will send out more information about those when we receive it. 

Training Type

East Coast (EST)

West Coast (PST)

Registration Link

Administrator #1

Tuesday 8th, 9:00pm

Tuesday 8th, 6:00pm

Instructor #1

Tuesday 8th, 6:00pm

Tuesday 8th, 3:00pm

Administrator #2

Tuesday 15th, 6:00pm

Tuesday 15th, 3:00pm

Instructor #2

Tuesday 15th, 8:30pm

Tuesday 15th, 5:30pm

As Me Anything

Thursday 17th February, 7:00pm

Thursday 17th February, 4:00pm

SafeSport, Certifications and Eligibility Rules

SafeSport and CA Fingerprinting Data Now Available

SafeSport certification and the California Fingerprinting Certificate data are included in the new AYSO certificate datastore and will appear on volunteer profiles and in the report builder.

Volunteers needing to complete the SafeSport training must use the link below. The link is the same for all AYSO volunteers (in all regions, regardless of registration platform). This link and additional details are available from the new eTrainU login page that replaces the AYSOU portal within inLeague.

SafeSport URL:

Management, Instructor, and CEU Certifications are available from eTrainU but not inLeague

One of the changes resulting from the new certificate system is that these categories of certifications are only available directly in eTrainU; they are not available from league management platforms (whether SportsConnect or inLeague). This is a change from the past several years when all categories of certification were visible from inLeague.

There is not currently a pipeline for any registration / league management platform to display these other categories. It is a potential future enhancement, so let AYSO know if you miss it!
Legacy Certifications Still Work But Are Not Updated

Any reports or eligibility rules relying on volunteer certifications will continue to work, but the underlying data is no longer being updated. These reports should be revised to use the new volunteer certification categories.

Report Builder Filter and Name Changes

The following report builder filters will continue to work but now point at the new AYSO certificate data store:
  • Safe Haven Certified
  • CDC Concussion Certified
Two new filters have been added:
  • SafeSport Certified
  • Fingerprinting Certificate (Not Applicable to all Regions)
The following report builder filters have been renamed but will continue to work with old, obsolete certificate data.
  • Vol. Certification Type and Vol. Certification, referring to volunteers who have specific certificates or categories of certificate, have been renamed to Old Certification Category and Old Certification Type; the new filters with the names Vol. Certification Type and Vol. Certification Category refer to the new AYSO certificates.
Please update your saved reports or eligibility rules: if they use these filters, they are using what is now the 'old' versions of them.
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