inLeague Formally Certified by AYSO

inLeague is delighted to announce that, after several years of collaboration with the AYSO National Office, the AYSO National Board of Directors has issued a policy statement formally certifying and approving the use of inLeague's registration and league management platform on the regional level.

Despite the challenges posed to youth sports leagues and service providers by the pandemic, inLeague remains dedicated to efficient technology solutions for the issues that matter to our leagues, their commissioners, schedulers, administrators, and registrars. 

We are investing more than ever in our team and in our software with a particular focus on making our data and our tools available to volunteers, administrators, and even other vendors via our new API.  We are tremendously excited to once again grow the inLeague community and eager to unveil inLeague's 20th Anniversary Edition Update, our latest technology platform, later this year.

inLeague Welcomes AYSO Region 13 - Pasadena!

inLeague's first player registration was in the Greater Los Angeles area almost twenty years ago, and we're excited to announce the addition of Region 13 in Section 1, Area C: Pasadena, Altadena, and La Cañada. Region 13 is one of the largest AYSO regions in the country, and the volunteers on their board have already demonstrated a keen interest in and understanding of just the sort of technology and operations issues that are the biggest engine of inLeague's growth and development. 

inLeague looks forward to our newest partnership in Area 1-C and all of the constructive feedback we can handle -- and that's a lot!

Close Old Paysafe / Flagship Merchant Accounts

inLeague completed the transition to Stripe of all of our e-commerce functions in September of 2020, and we're pleased to say that the experience has been a smooth one both for our regions and for our team. 

Among the reasons for this transition was the 120-day limit on refund windows enforced by Paysafe's gateway, More than 120 days have passed since all of our leagues switched to Stripe, so it may be a good time to close any old Paysafe (or Flagship) accounts that are still active, as these accounts are very likely to be billing monthly fees whether or not you are using them.

The only reason to keep these accounts open is if you applied for and received the Expanded Credit Capability on your gateway that permits refunds beyond the 120 day window, and you may still need to issue refunds for transactions prior to your league's migration to Stripe. We recommend setting a reminder to close your Paysafe account as soon as this is no longer the case: inLeague does not get notified about which accounts are still active and which are not, so we aren't able to send out individual reminders.

Stripe does not enforce any time limits on refunds, so we are happy to see the end of timing-related refund issues!
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