inLeague News: May 2020

Refund Windows and

Due to increased credit card fraud stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, has permanently suspended the "Expanded Credit Capability" program that allowed accounts with this feature to issue refunds beyond the normal 120-day limit. 

Unfortunately, this limitation is not unique to Stripe limits refunds to 90 days, as does SportsConnect. We believe that there is a technical solution to this problem leveraging some newer security features that would enable an extended refund window for regular transactions without any special account status. While we are working with and Paysafe to find a long-term solution, we have no indication that this policy will change anytime soon.

inLeague is exploring the addition of a 'house account' or 'user credit' feature that would enable refunds to be credited to a family profile and then automatically applied to any future transaction. This is likely to happen in 2021 with our upcoming front-end re-write. In the interim, we will keep looking for a way around the 120 day barrier, but it appears that this is the new normal where eCommerce is concerned.

AYSO Integration: Youth Volunteers

Youth Volunteers: Background Checks after 18th Birthday

When a youth volunteer registers through inLeague, they are cleared for the entirety of the Membership Year after the e-signature portion of volunteer registration. They do not receive a background check from Sterling Volunteers even if they turn 18 during the Membership Year.

Going forward, youth volunteers will have their volunteer eligibility cleared on their 18th birthday. They will retain any volunteer preferences, but they will be required to re-register with AYSO as an adult volunteer and to complete the Sterling Volunteers process. Affected youth volunteers have a grace period of two weeks after their 18th birthday to complete adult volunteer registration before access to any referee- or system-related functions is restricted.

This small change comes as a directive from AYSO National. Development has been completed and we anticipate updating our production instances by the end of May, as soon as AYSO gives the all-clear.

AYSO Integration: Volunteer Certification Update

The integration mechanism for volunteer certifications between inLeague and AYSO has improved over the years, but the current iteration is very inefficient: inLeague must request all volunteer certifications for each individual volunteer -- one at a time -- and compare them to our records. Since inLeague has no way of knowing which volunteers might have updated certifications, we have to submit thousands of requests every day when most volunteer records are not updated very often.

We are pleased to announce that, in collaboration with the AYSO National Office and their software team, inLeague now receives a daily update for each region containing only certifications that have been added or renewed since the last update. 

Additionally, inLeague now stores volunteer certifications based on AYSO ID rather than inLeague user ID. This means that inLeague has all volunteer certifications for your region, even for volunteers that have not created an inLeague account; while it isn't possible to view these disconnected certifications, it means that a volunteer record will display all of its certifications as soon as volunteer registration is complete, as the data is already present. There are two small changes in volunteer administration as a result:

  • It should no longer ever be necessary to "refresh" an individual volunteer's certification record, but the option has been retained.
  • While inLeague continues to support 'provisional' certifications that exist only inside of inLeague, it is not possible to add these certifications to a user that has not registered with AYSO; user records must have valid AYSO IDs in order to receive volunteer certifications, provisional or not.

Fall 2020 Registration Discounts

inLeague is providing a mechanism to offer Fall 2020 registration fee discounts based on Spring 2020 registration status to reduce the number of outright refunds required. This requires a small amount of setup on the inLeague side. Please contact with at least a couple of business days' notice before opening your Fall 2020 registration if you would like to offer discounts to Spring 2020 players!
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