AYSO Membership / Sterling Checks

Membership Enforcement Beginning September 1

The AYSO Volunteer Membership Program enforces the requirement for a Sterling Background Check to retain system access every membership year. Volunteers who have not registered through either inLeague or SportsConnect and received a background check by August 1 of a membership year will not be able to access inLeague on or after August 1 of that year until they complete the registration process.

This deadline was postponed to September 1 for 2020, but it will not be postponed a second time and inLeague is unable to make individual exceptions. inLeague recommends insuring that all of your board members are properly registered and cleared for MY2020 right away.  If there is uncertainty regarding your Fall program, by all means hold coaches and referees in your volunteer queue -- but anyone with division director or administrator access is automatically cleared through that queue and released to Sterling.

The AYSO National Office is working diligently with Sterling to improve the adjudication process and reduce the number of volunteers requiring manual adjudication. Nevertheless: if you know you are going to have any kind of program this Fall, be sure that all of your volunteers on the field are registered and current; and if you don't yet know, be sure your board is.

Stripe Payment Migrations: Setup Links Sent!

Account setup links for Stripe have been e-mailed to all regional treasurers and/or regional commissioners. These links are good for seven days. Please contact inLeague support if you need an updated link.

The account setup process is quick and straightforward, but there is a small delay after setup while the Stripe team applies the 'inLeague' status to your new account -- reduced rates and the elimination of their normal 60-day "reserve" hold on 25% of funds for new customers. 

inLeague anticipates a production release with full Stripe support within the next 1-2 weeks. No new transactions (other than refunds) may be submitted under Paysafe accounts after October 31, 2020.  For more information on the migration to Stripe, please see the Fall 2020 Payment Update.

AYSO National Needs Your Board Information

The E2 / "eAYSO" system that managed regional board information is no longer active. All inLeague regional commissioners should have received an email from Al Prado at the National Office requesting up-to-date board member and term data for MY2020. The National Office must input this data or else your board members will not receive the status necessary for their functions in AYSO's instructional and accounting systems.

While we anticipate automating this system in the future, inLeague is waiting to see what the next year brings before determining the best way to collect and transmit board member data.

If you did not receive an email from Al Prado regarding your regional board, please contact inLeague Support if you do not have his contact information.
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