inLeague HealthAware: A Daily COVID Questionnaire
inLeague is pleased to announce a new feature coming later this week: HealthAware, A daily, family-wide clearance survey for all inLeague users that links to their team roster so that coaches can verify all of their players and team staff.

The survey can be completed by any adult family member and applies to all players and volunteers in the family. It will produce a clearance that is good for one day.

Surveys with answers flagged for further review will be automatically emailed to a HealthAware email address provided by the league. All survey submissions are electronically signed with the submitter's name, IP address, and the current time; they are kept on file for at least one year.

HealthAware is an optional feature that we expect to launch later this week, along with detailed documentation on how it works and how to edit the content.

Two More Weeks for Background Checks: AYSO Volunteer Membership Program Deadline: Tuesday, September 15

inLeague is delighted to announce that the technical processes behind the volunteer membership program that integrate with the AYSO E3 system and Sterling Volunteers has performed very smoothly for MY2020. Nonetheless, some leagues did not get the green light for permits until just a few days ago, and out of consideration for these extenuating circumstances, AYSO National has agreed to permit us to delay enforcement of the Volunteer Membership Program requirements until Tuesday, September 15th.

Stay tuned this week for more details about HealthAware and the formal rollout of our new Stripe merchant platform. Our best wishes to all our dedicated volunteers and their families!
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