Platform Fees Reduced

Events and Invoice Templates below $50

If you've been with inLeague for a while, you've probably heard one of our regular observations about our jobs: even though we've been working on volunteer youth soccer software for twenty years, we've never run a soccer league, and we learn a lot from those of you who do.

When we developed our new pricing model, we looked at how the event manager and invoice templates were used to run entire programs, and we're confident that the fees we're collecting will sustain our business for the future. What we didn't think about were some of the uses of the same tools for smaller-ticket items, like uniforms. It doesn't make sense for us to build a suite of tools to manage your league and then give you incentive to go elsewhere for some of your transactions, so we've re-calibrated our fee structure on the event manager and the invoice template system:
  • For transactions less than $40, our fees are $1.50 + 3%
  • For transactions less than $50 but more than $39.99, our fees are $2 + 3%
  • For transactions $50 or greater, our fees are $3 + 3%
These changes are already live. We're grateful for your feedback and your support as inLeague evolves and enters the next chapter of life!

Fall 2022 Underway; Legacy Registration Ends 5/16

MY2021 Registration available on the 20th Anniversary Edition Platform
As AYSO retires the its "E3" eAYSO system and migrates away from the Yozons electronic signature platform, we will be shutting down our legacy registration platform on Monday, May 16.

Regions needing to register MY2021 players after May 16th will be able to do so through the 20th Anniversary Edition platform. Please note that your MY2021 programs will require additional configuration to be accessible on the new platform, so please reach out to if you need to keep registration open for the Spring or for MY2021 camps and clinics. 
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