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PC Publican Newsletter (#4)

April, 2019

Spring has sprung!

This seemingly never-ending Winter has finally ended (or so we hope).  The changing seasons lead me to thoughts of changing technology.  This issue will cover buying a new computer, setting up a new website, and changing business e-mail providers.

Buying A New Computer

The end-of-support-life of Windows 7 on January 14th, 2020 marks a transition point for many businesses who have clung to their existing computer inventories.  On that date Microsoft will no longer offer security patches and bug-fixes for their venerable operating system.  I would recommend updating Windows 7 computers well before that date.

Many of you already know that I recommend refurbished computers versus buying new.  Both Windows and Mac systems can be purchased at heavy discount from places like the Dell Outlet and the Apple Refurbished Store.  The Dell Outlet routinely offers coupon codes for even lower prices on stock inventory.  These computers carry the same "satisfaction-guaranteed" return policies as well as the same warranty as new product.

PC Publican can help with the purchase of computers as well as the transfer of data to your new system.  We can also help you assess whether your existing hardware is a good candidate for an "in-place" Windows 10 upgrade.

Domain Registration & Website Hosting

It's a must for a business to own a representative domain and host an attractive, accessible website.  It's simply unprofessional to run a business website on a free web host and use an AOL, Yahoo, or even Gmail e-mail address because you haven't registered a domain name.

GoDaddy provides domain registration and web hosting services for reasonable prices.  A domain name costs about $15/year (add $10 more for a privacy block), and a hosting plan sufficient for most businesses costs about $12/month.  They support all major content-management platforms (i.e. WordPress).

If you already have a website, make sure that it's secure -- notably whether you have a SSL certificate and support HTTPS connections.  These certificates can be purchased for a yearly fee or generated for free by services like "Let's Encrypt" and ZeroSSL.

PC Publican can help with all aspects of establishing a web presence, from domain registration to design of a secure website that will help your business succeed.

E-Mail For Business

Reliable e-mail service is something most businesses take for granted until it doesn't work as expected.  Lost incoming and outgoing e-mails potentially result in loss of business, and security issues like phishing attacks and e-mail spoofing can cause permanent damage to a business's data and reputation.

Google's G Suite e-mail provides high levels of reliability/uptime and best-in-class spam filtering (well beyond other providers or 3rd-party products).  Their "Basic" tier provides 30GB of storage space (for both e-mail and data) for $6/month/user.  Their "Business" tier provides 1TB of storage (or unlimited if you have more than 5 users) along with extensive archive and audit capabilities for $12/month/user.  Both levels of service provide administrative control over organization and security, shared calendars, and secure messaging.

PC Publican can help you with the initial G Suite account setup and verification as well as migrating individual users' existing e-mail, contacts, and calendars.

Reviews & Referrals

Finally, if you have used our services in the past and were satisfied, please leave a review on Google and/or Yelp.  If you weren't happy please call, e-mail, or text and let us know how we can do better.

Recommended Products

Below are links to products I frequently use and recommend:

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