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PC Publican Newsletter (#5)

May, 2019


I strongly believe that human happiness is a product of our connectedness to other humans.  Events, good or bad, are best shared with others.  In a (slightly) similar fashion, our computers tend to be more useful (happy?) when connected to other devices.  This newsletter will cover a few of the most popular additions.

Adding Additional Screens

Today's computers have enough resources to support multiple open applications, but often the bottleneck to effective multitasking becomes the amount of screen space.  It is, however, easy to add one or more additional screens to a typical computer setup.

Desktop computers are the most flexible, with the ability to drive 2-4 monitors without much additional hardware.  Most desktops come with two integrated display connectors (often VGA and HDMI) and can therefore drive two monitors.  More monitors would require a discrete graphics card.

Windows laptops typically have just one video port, usually an HDMI connection.  You can easily mirror your laptop screen or extend your Desktop to use both your internal and external screens.  Adding more than one external monitor requires additional (and rather expensive) external hardware.  Don't purchase a USB video adapter -- they simply don't have the bandwidth needed to drive a monitor with adequate resolution.

Apple laptops will also have at least one video port.  It might be a single mini-DisplayPort or Thunderbolt port, or it may be multiple Thunderbolt ports.  Newer MacBooks have gone exclusively to USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, and may have up to 4 ports for additional monitors.  Like Windows laptops, you can mirror your existing screen or extend the Desktop across multiple monitors.

PC Publican can help assess your display needs and help with the purchase and installation of graphics cards and monitors.  

Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

I'm often asked by clients if they can get rid of the rat's nest of wires on and under the typical desk.  The answer is unfortunately still (mostly) no, but some wires can be eliminated.  A wireless keyboard and mouse eliminates two USB cables for a desktop computer.  It also provides a full keyboard and an alternative to the typical cumbersome trackpad (except for MacBooks -- Apple has almost perfected the trackpad) for laptops.

PC Publican can help you choose the combo that best suits your needs and can handle the installation as well.

External Hard Drive

I've covered the benefits of external hard drives for backups in a previous newsletter, but they also have myriad other uses -- here are a few:
  • Moving files: if you need to move data between two computers that aren't connected these devices are handy.
  • Secondary Storage: If your internal storage is reaching capacity you can move non-essential data to these.
  • Backup Backups: This might sound silly, but backup media does occasionally fail, and having a redundant copy of essential files might save the day (or business!).
See the link below for a product recommendation, and contact us for assistance with moving data or configuring applications like iTunes for use with external storage.

Reviews & Referrals

Finally, if you have used our services in the past and were satisfied, please leave a review on Google and/or Yelp.  If you weren't happy please call, e-mail, or text and let us know how we can do better.

Recommended Products

Below are links to products I frequently use and recommend:

Antivirus External Hard Drives Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
Wireless Routers/Mesh Cloud Storage Providers DNS Providers Computers Business E-Mail Domain & Web Hosting


PC Publican is a limited liability company dedicated to providing residential and small-business customers with affordable, high-quality computer care. We strive for the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.



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