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2020 Issue #4



February gets us through the slow part of 2020. After this, the fun begins. I've got THREE new releases coming up in March and April, with a slight lull leading into DEMON IN WHITE in July and another release in August. That means you'll be hearing from me a little more than usual, and I hope you'll forgive a couple extra emails in the months ahead. 

Here's the list:

6 MARCH: THE DOGS OF GOD --- Anthology

Features my short story, "Kill the King," which recounts an Imperial assassin's mission to assassinate the Extrasolarian Monarch Calen Harendotes. It's a 3-chapter novelette in the style of "The Demons of Arae," told from the point of view of a Legion Intelligence operative named Syme. There's no pre-order link, and I'll be sending you a release announcement email the day of release. 

7 APRIL: OVERRULED --- Anthology

Features my short story, "Victim of Changes," the story of a Chantry trial against an Extrasolarian woman for her crimes against humanity. It's one of my shorter works, but Baen Editor Jim Minz called it the best piece of short fiction I've written to date--and I happen to agree with him. Don't sleep on this one. You can preorder it at the link below, and I'll be sending you a release reminder email the day of!

14 APRIL: THE LESSER DEVIL --- Light Novel

Crispin Marlowe gets his own little spin-off adventure as he must fight to protect his house and his servants from a mysterious enemy seemingly hell-bent on the annihilation of House Marlowe. Set after Hadrian leaves Delos, but before his arrival on Emesh is known, this short novel will tide you over in your wait for DEMON IN WHITE. It's coming to Audible, narrated by Samuel Roukin like the rest, and should be available for pre-order in audio, ebook, and print editions very soon (we're just trying to clear up the formatting on the ebook files). I'll be sending an extra email just as soon as that goes up for pre-order, too, as well as a release reminder.


My friend Ed Willett, host of the Worldshapers podcast and author of 60-some books, is putting together an anthology with writers who have guested on his podcast. It's going to go live in March, and while I may miss the first few days of his fundraising since I'll be out of the country, I'll be shooting out an email when Jenna and I get back from our honeymoon. This collection will have "Good Intentions," a Valka story that finds her on Sadal Suud and recounts her meeting with one of the Giants who live on that tropical world. More info to come!


Last but not least, I want to mention that I recently finished work on my very Secret Project (TM). I turned the final draft in earlier this week. Unfortunately, I'm still not at liberty to tell you all what it is, but it was an absolute blast and I can't wait to tell you all about it. 


Things are really getting crazy around here. Jenna and I are getting married in two weeks, so I beg your forgiveness if any of these updates come a little late. I'm trying to get everything put together and scheduled before the festivities, but it's possible I may miss a thing or two. These next few months are going to be very busy!


We have 142 days to go before the release of DEMON IN WHITE!

I had to pause my work on the BOOK FOUR outline for just a little while in order to finish up my reread on DEMON IN WHITE. I'm putting together the glossaries and character guide for it as we speak, and expect to have my editor's revisions on DEMON in next week. That means edits are going to be a little rushed, especially considering my wedding is two weeks from today...but we'll see how it goes. 

My plan is to dive into BOOK FOUR after Jenna and I get back from our honeymoon, and for that to be my project for the next several months now that the Secret Project (TM) is complete.

The next week or so will be devoted to my finishing up the DEMON IN WHITE appendices and to finishing the outline for BOOK FOUR so everything's ready to go before the wedding. 

Spotlight On

My Next Anthology


ORDER IN THE COURT! A new anthology of science fiction stories that explores what the future of jurisprudence might well be like, with thrilling, hilarious, and downright entertaining results! So much fun, it oughta be illegal! Stories by Robert A. Heinlein, Clifford D. Simak, Sarah A. Hoyt, and more.

Features my story, "Victim of Changes," which recounts a Chantry trial against an Extrasolarian woman for her crimes against humanity. 




Justin T. Call's


I plugged this I think in 2018, but very foolishly did not realize it was only out in the UK at the time. But it's out this month and FOLKS, you don't want to sleep on this one. 

If you like the biography element of the Sun Eater books, if you like the hero-but-dark-lord vibe of my work, you'll like this. It's kind of the epic fantasy version of the Sun Eater...and to cap it off, Justin is the coolest guy--and he's already finished book 2 and is well into writing book 3, so just like me, he won't leave you high and dry.

You have to preorder this one, it RIPS. 
Photo Update

Since there won't be a preorder link or any other way for me to link you to the book now, consider this a quick reminder that THE DOGS OF GOD is coming March 6th--and as mentioned above, it comes with my story "Kill the King," which tells the tale of Syme, an Imperial assassin sent to kill the Extrasolarian Monarch Calen Harendotes. Stay tuned for that release email in a couple weeks! "Kill the King" will be your next chance to return to the Sun Eater universe!
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