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December 2019 Issue #1

News from the Sollan Empire

December Already/December At Last

I have to tell you, I think this has been the longest year in my life. I started DEMON IN WHITE in January, right after I got engaged. I wrote that book; edited HOWLING DARK; edited THE LESSER DEVIL (which is coming, my hand to God, I'm just waiting on Recorded Books to give me a date); wrote 6 short stories/novelettes; edited an anthology; bought a house, moved into said house; painted half of said house; traveled to 8 different states, two countries; and I think 6 conventions; co-planned a wedding; and even managed to play the new Star Wars game (which was actually great--best Star Wars story since Rogue One). In short, I've done everything except go to the gym regularly and finish Hollow Knight (both admitted oversights).

In short, this year has been about 5 years long. I am exhausted, but as you can see...the battle is far from over. I have no intention of slowing down. I have a Valka-centric lite novel to write before BOOK FOUR, and I spent Friday going through my cluttered computer files and found treatments for FOUR Sun Eater stand alone novels, which means that there's plenty more from me to come, even after Hadrian's story is "done."

It being nearly Christmas, let me say again that I could not do any of this without all of you, my readers (and you subscribers to this newsletter most of all, for caring most of all). I am extremely grateful to be able to do this, to make part of my living as a teller of tales. It has always been my dream, and to be able to live that dream is a privilege. 

Thank you.


I'm still awaiting revision notes for DEMON IN WHITE. My editor has led me to believe I'll hear back before year's end, so it should be fairly soon.

But as readers of this newsletter will know, I've not been idle. I am currently re-reading DEMON IN WHITE myself, cleaning up some lines here and there and putting my lists together for the appendices--and translating things into Cielcin (my FAVORITE part of the job). I'm also wrapping up Story #6 (out of 6) to fulfill my various obligations. For those keeping track, this one is called "The Night Captain" and follows the officer who watches the Red Company's ship while Hadrian and Co. are in cryonic fugue as he battles pirates. Should be done with that this week, after which attentions will turn to the Valka spinoff lite novel, which I can't talk about without spoiling DEMON IN WHITE, since it comes after book 3 in the timeline. 

I'm hoping I'll have time to write it. It should be 15-20 chapters long (to EMPIRE OF SILENCE and HOWLING DARK'S ~80). Work on BOOK FOUR has to start sometime in January, so things will be a little tight. 

But stay tuned, travel safe this holiday season--and you'll hear from me on the 15th!

Holiday Reminder

The Mass Market Paperback of


Pray forgive the shameless plug, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...and this time of year that means mentioning that the paperback of EMPIRE OF SILENCE fits just about perfectly into MOST stockings, and if you're looking for one last gift for the readers in your life, kindly consider helping a struggling writer out. 

And if any of you are thinking "hey, I want to get Christopher something!" Kindly consider leaving a review for any of my books on Amazon and/or Goodreads. The more the merrier (and it helps sales). 
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Robert Hugh Benson's


I did an interview with John Hartness when I was down in South Carolina for Atomacon, and during it I mentioned that the last book I'd read was LORD OF THE WORLD by Robert Hugh Benson. While not strictly true, I'm mostly reading material for my day job as Baen's Junior Editor, it is the last book I read that you can read. It's a dystopia written before World War I by a Catholic priest who thought H.G. Wells' technological utopianism was woefully naïve. It's bleak, but for my money, more prescient than Orwell and Huxley combined. 

Plus, the eagle-eyed will catch a reference to it in HOWLING DARK.
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Photo Update

Gollancz, my publisher in the UK, just released the official cover for DEMON IN WHITE as it will be seen by our friends in the British Isles and across the Commonwealth. I gotta say, I think this is my favorite of the 3 British covers. It reminds me of the Iain M. Banks Culture covers in the best possible way--I grew up reading those, I actually had to import them because they were out of print in the US when I first wanted to read them. This cover takes me right back. 

I always wanted to meet Mr. Banks. He passed in 2013, and while I think we would have agreed on nothing outside the appreciation of Scotch whiskey, I think he must have been a fascinating person to speak with.

I can't wait to share this book with you all in July. It can't get here fast enough!
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