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2020 Issue #5



I am writing this in advance because Saturday (yesterday) Jenna and I got married and we are on vacation, so I am not going to be online until mid-March. But just because I am taking a break does not mean the Sun Eater universe is. March and April are going to be huge, with two short story releases in two different anthologies, a kickstarter for a third anthology, and THE LESSER DEVIL, Crispin's spin-off lite novel. 

Here's the list, links will all be below!

- NOW: The Kickstarter for the SHAPERS OF WORLDS anthology is open now! Let's help get it funded! Here's the link:
- MARCH 6: THE DOGS OF GOD hits digital shelves. This anthology is Amazon-only, and I won't have a link until it goes live, so if you want it day 1, make a note--I'll send a release flier out once I return!
- APRIL 7: OVERRULED comes out and will be available wherever books are sold!
- APRIL 14: THE LESSER DEVIL comes out! The ebook is ready for pre-order below. Paperback and audio links will be available the day of release!


We have 128 days to go before the release of DEMON IN WHITE!

I have my editorial feedback on DEMON IN WHITE and have to turn it around by the end of the month, and while I don't expect to get a lot of work done while I'm away, I'll be right in the thick of it when I return. Fortunately, it seems like the book is pretty clean and doesn't need a lot of work (score one for outlining).

I didn't quite finish the outline for BOOK FOUR--turns out weddings are really hard to plan, who knew? But it's nearly there, and I am really eager to get started. Once DEMON IN WHITE is done, my plan will be to knock out BOOK FOUR by year's end.

I've also picked up THREE more anthologies for Baen Books, so expect those to roll out in 2021. Each one will almost certainly feature a Sun Eater story of some kind (and possibly one will even have a Sun Eater cover)!

Stay tuned! I'll be back in the world in a week or so.

Spotlight On

Crispin's Solo Adventure


Crispin Marlowe grew up in his brother’s shadow, but Hadrian is gone, and his grandmother—the duchess of Delos—is dying.

Answering her summons, Crispin takes off on what should be a routine flight to the ducal palace from the castle at Devil’s Rest. But he is flying into a trap. 

With no one coming to save him and only his sister, Sabine, and a few injured guardsmen to protect him, House Marlowe’s least famous son must make his heroic stand.


A New Anthology!


ORDER IN THE COURT! A new anthology of science fiction stories that explores what the future of jurisprudence might well be like, with thrilling, hilarious, and downright entertaining results! So much fun, it oughta be illegal! Stories by Robert A. Heinlein, Clifford D. Simak, Sarah A. Hoyt, and more.

Features my story, "Victim of Changes," which recounts a Chantry trial against an Extrasolarian woman for her crimes against humanity. 

Photo Update

Since there won't be a preorder link or any other way for me to link you to the book now, consider this a quick reminder that THE DOGS OF GOD is coming March 6th--and as mentioned above, it comes with my story "Kill the King," which tells the tale of Syme, an Imperial assassin sent to kill the Extrasolarian Monarch Calen Harendotes. Stay tuned for that release email in a couple weeks! "Kill the King" will be your next chance to return to the Sun Eater universe!
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