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2020 Issue #21


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Well with DEMON IN WHITE and COSMIC CORSAIRS both out (links above and below, if you missed them and/or are curious), my publication year has more or less reached it's end. One more short story remains slated for release, but there are a few more projects in the works that I want to go through real quick on the road to BOOK FOUR!

1. SHAPERS OF WORLDS (September 2020) is an anthology edited by Edward Willett, due out very soon, it features my short story, "Good Intentions," which offers a brief glimpse into Valka's head and her adventures before Hadrian. In it, she visits Sadal Suud, home of some Quiet ruins and the Cavaraad Giants, so if you're hoping to get a glimpse of another of the coloni races like the Umandh and Irchtani, this is your chance.

2. BOOK FOUR (July 2021) is in progress (more details on that below), but it is the thing currently on my desk. It's a little under half-written, and I expect to have it finished in time for the holidays. You should be able to expect a title reveal very soon. 

3. WORLDBREAKERS (Summer 2021) is the next Baen Books anthology I'm working on. It's sort of a riff on Keith Laumer's Bolo series, and it's all about AI-controlled war machines (mostly tanks). There's going to be a Sun Eater story in this one--one I haven't written yet, but I'm tentatively calling it "The Dragonslayer."

4. SWORD & PLANET (Fall 2021) is the next-next Baen Books anthology I'm editing, and the first one where I have sole creative control. It's going to be full of Jack Vance-meets-Dune-style science fantasy stories, which of COURSE means there's going to be a Sun Eater story here as well. I'm hoping to write a full-blown novelette for this one, focusing on Hadrian and Valka. 

5. My part of the SECRET PROJECT (TBA) is all finished, but the pandemic froze progress on its development, and I'm hoping there'll be more news about it here soon. It's killing me not being able to tell you all what it is. It's small, but it's really cool.

6. I'm starting work on a performance of my short story "The Demons of Arae" that I'll be posted to the Sun Eater YouTube channel (which you should subscribe to, if you haven't! Check it out here: ). I'm looking into commissioning some artwork and borrowing the office recording studio over the next couple weekends. Release might take a while, depending on the art question, but I think it's going to be a fun thing to do. 


I'm afraid things haven't gotten any easier. Without getting into any details, there've been some health problems (not the pandemic) in the family and writing had to take a back seat since my last letter. I think I've written 1 day this month, maybe 2. Here's the data:
Word Count: 115953 / 266000
Chapters: 32 / 77
Percent Complete: 41.6%

To make matters worse, I've left Hadrian in rather a bad way all this time. I feel a bit like Tolkien pausing for ages while Frodo lay captive in Cirith Ungol. I had really tried to get back to it in time to give you all some good news this time, but my family needed me. Thanks to everyone who wished us well after the last newsletter. My hope is to take this weekend and get back to it. I've got some vacation coming up in September, too. Hopefully in that span I'll really be able to get back in. I'm steps away from some really big scenes and those have a way of getting things rolling again.

Fear not, none of this has impacted the release date so far. We're still looking at July 2021! As always, I'm doing my best to be transparent and forthright with you all. 

Spotlight On

A Space Pirate Anthology


The latest in the line of short story anthologies I've put together for Baen Books, COSMIC CORSAIRS is all space pirates, all the time, featuring stories from legends like Larry Niven, Fritz Leiber, & James Blish, as well as original stories by Carysa Locke, Sarah & Robert Hoyt, and--of course--myself.

This book features my story, "The Night Captain," which follows a Red Company junior officer as he tries to save our heroes while Hadrian & co. are in cryonic fugue. 

It's out August, but Baen makes advanced copies available at a premium, so you can read today if you just can't wait!
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Crispin's Solo Novel


Crispin Marlowe grew up in his brother’s shadow, but Hadrian is gone, and his grandmother—the duchess of Delos—is dying.

Answering her summons, Crispin takes off on what should be a routine flight to the ducal palace from the castle at Devil’s Rest. But he is flying into a trap. 

With no one coming to save him and only his sister, Sabine, and a few injured guardsmen to protect him, House Marlowe’s least famous son must make his heroic stand.
- - -
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Photo Update

HOWLING DARK was nominated for a Dragon Award! Thank you to everyone who nominated it and to each of you who has voted already! The Dragon Awards are Dragon Con's big literary science fiction prize, with voting open to the general public, and HOWLING DARK received a nomination for Best Military Science Fiction Novel (which caught me by surprise. I'd never considered the Sun Eater series MilSF, but hey--I'll take it).

If you're interested in voting, it's absolutely free, and you can do that at the link below. My good friend D.J. Butler's novel, WITCHY KINGDOM, was nominated for Best Alternate History Novel, and if you haven't read his should really check it out (the first novel is WITCHY EYE). 

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