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2020 Issue #1


What a Year! And What a Year to Come!

(Before I start the regular news, I want to say real fast that I'll be doing a live interview with author Nicholas Kotar on YouTube at 9 PM EST on Friday, 1/10. I'll send out a reminder the day before, but I'd love to have you there asking questions). 

2020 is going to be a big year. Jenna and I are getting married on February 29 (yes, really) and somehow before then I have to not only prepare for said wedding, but write a short novel and (hopefully) finish edits on DEMON IN WHITE.

It's a busy couple months. 

After that maybe things will get a bit easier, but BOOK FOUR is this year's big project, and as you know...turning in books quickly and on time is very important to me. I don't want to let you all down. But fortunately, 2020 should have plenty to keep you all entertained. I've got 4 short stories on the horizon, plus DEMON IN WHITE of course--and it's high time I explained what is going on with my prodigal project.

"Whatever happened to that Crispin spin-off?" you ask? Well, I haven't forgotten about it. I'd planned to publish it in November--and it IS ready and waiting. I had intended to just slap it up on Amazon and have done, but I realized 1. There was no audio edition and I knew you guys were going to ask, and 2. I have a wedding coming up, and some extra money would help...

So I sold the book to Tantor/Recorded Books. They're in the process of wrangling Sam Roukin to read it, same as the main series, and once they announce a release date, I'll announce a release date for the ebook and print versions. But it IS coming this year, which means you have TWO books from me this year, maybe THREE if I can finish and turn around the Valka book in time. 


I'm not sure how I did it, but I finished all my short stories for my various projects, bringing the total to 9 short stories and a combined 66K words of short fiction. It's a long term goal, but I plan to collect all these stories in one volume--probably after the release of BOOK FIVE. (But don't worry, you can track down these short stories in the meantime).

As 2020 begins, I am just beginning work on my Valka spin-off lite novel (I say lite because it will be more Sorcerer's Stone sized and less Order of the Phoenix sized). I'm not ready to do a title reveal, but I've written about 2 chapters of 18, and I hope to power through most of it this month. 

I say that because I also anticipate getting revision notes for DEMON IN WHITE back from my editor, and those will take priority the minute they come in. (I've also been rereading DEMON in order to put together those handy appendices--you're welcome). Once those revisions and the Valka spinoff are finished, I'll start work on BOOK FOUR, which will take up MOST of my year.

Spotlight On

My Short Story


In case you missed it, HOWLING DARK wasn't Hadrian's only adventure in 2019. I did a 3-chapter novelette called "The Demons of Arae" that's set between HOWLING DARK and DEMON IN WHITE which sends the Red Company out to find a lost legion.

It appeared in this anthology, PARALLEL WORLDS, edited by my friends LJ Hachmeister & RR Virdi.

PLUS it includes a Dresden Files story by the great Jim Butcher following the character of Goodman Grey, so if any of you are fans of that series and haven't checked this really should.


Justin T. Call's


I plugged this I think in 2018, but very foolishly did not realize it was only out in the UK at the time. But it's out in February and FOLKS, you don't want to sleep on this one. 

If you like the biography element of the Sun Eater books, if you like the hero-but-dark-lord vibe of my work, you'll like this. It's kind of the epic fantasy version of the Sun Eater...and to cap it off, Justin is the coolest guy--and he's already finished book 2 and is well into writing book 3, so just like me, he won't leave you high and dry.

You have to preorder this one, it RIPS. 
Photo Update

GOOD NEWS! In my last email, I said my next short story, "Kill the King," would appear in Chris Kennedy's anthology THE DOGS OF GOD on March 27.

I was wrong.

No sooner had I sent that letter out than I received word the anthology is actually coming out:

6 MARCH 2020

I don't have a pre-order link yet, so stay tuned. 

"Kill the King" is a 3-chapter novelette that follows Syme, an Imperial assassin dispatched to kill the Extrasolarian warlord Calen Harendotes. For those of you who liked those creepy Extras--you're in for a treat.

Check out the cover!
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