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2021 Issue #22



Welcome, lords and ladies, to this--the final month of AD 2021! I can hardly believe we've made it. What a year. I know it's been a bit of a light one from me, without any new novels to show for it, but I promise to make up for it next year with the release not only of KINGDOMS OF DEATH, but with TALES OF THE SUN EATER, VOL. 2 and the as-yet-untitled BOOK FIVE!

That being said, AD 2021 is not nearly over, and I have a little left for you. SWORD & PLANET (featuring my Hadrian POV novella QUEEN AMID ASHES) is coming in just a couple weeks, but something very special is available right here, right now--TODAY.

That's right, after nearly 2 years of hinting and planning, my 11-page one-shot for Marvel Comics, "The Two Worthies," featuring no less than the God of Thunder himself, is available now wherever comics are sold. "The Two Worthies" was drawn by the great Steve McNiven and colored by Frankie D'Armata, and appears in the back of Jason Aaron's Avengers #50/#750 (depending on how you count). It was a blast to learn to write in a new medium, and an honor to work with Steve and Frankie, and with all the folks at Marvel. 
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As I mentioned in the subject line, superheroes aren't the only bit of big news on the table this month! That's right: work on KINGDOMS OF DEATH is officially over. After the manuscript splitting, the final weighs in at almost exactly 200K words, making it the shortest of the series, but as I've said before, it's still by far the darkest, the heaviest, and the meanest to date. I'm really happy with how it's come out, and am already 3/46 chapters into work revising BOOK FIVE, which I plan to have turned in to my editors some time in February. Even as we speak, we're hard at work on the cover and marketing info, so expect a cover/title reveal sometime soon--maybe even before the end of the year. 

Being the other half of the original manuscript that was split into books 4 and 5, BOOK FIVE is mostly written. I've got to write about 10 fresh chapters for it, and to edit a bunch of the existing ones, with new stuff to add and stuff to move or remove, so by no means should work on BOOK FIVE take as long as books usually do, and come March I expect to be fully engaged in the outline for BOOK SIX, which I'm happy to say is partially plotted already and even has a title--possibly my favorite title yet. AD 2021 may have been a slow year, but AD 2022 is going to be...


Just you wait.

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That's right! The time has come! KINGDOMS OF DEATH is available now wherever books are sold, so be sure to check out your favorite retailer.

HOWEVER, if you would like to pre-order a SIGNED copy of the new book in hardcover, check out the website for my local independent bookstore, Quail Ridge Books. Just note under "Other Comments" during checkout that you'd like your copy signed and they'll add you to the list for the March release!
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My eBook Collection


In case you missed it, earlier this year I released an eBook collection of SEVEN (count 'em!) short stories set in the Sun Eater universe, three featuring Hadrian, four not. 

If you're looking for something short to check out between books, or you're sick of waiting for KINGDOMS OF DEATH, I think you'll find that TALES OF THE SUN EATER, VOL. 1 is exactly what the doctor (meaning me) ordered:
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Photo Update

SWORD & PLANET hits shelves on the 21st, but folks looking to read the ebook will still be able to pick it up on the 7th! This is a fun science fantasy collection with stories from all sorts of writers, like Simon R. Green of Deathstalker fame, and Warhammer 40K's Peter Fehervari! It also features my 9-chapter Hadrian novella, QUEEN AMID ASHES, which is set directly after HOWLING DARK, and which is one of my favorites out of all the shorter stories I've ever written. I really hope you all will check it out. You can pre-order it via Amazon right here:
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