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2020 Issue #22


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Before I get into it, I want to thank everyone who's voted HOWLING DARK for the Best Military Science Fiction Novel in the 2020 Dragon Awards! If you haven't had a chance to vote and would like to, you can register right here:

I've got a lot of convention-related stuff coming up. I'll be on a couple Dragon Con panels in the next week, as well as doing a reading/presentation on the Sun Eater series as a whole for Eric Flint's Ring of Fire con. Be sure to share everything on Facebook and Twitter as they become available. 

Just a quick reminder: SHAPERS OF WORLDS is out later this month, featuring my Valka POV short story "Good Intentions." I'll post a link at the bottom. There should be one more short story release after it this year (around the holidays), but I have to finish BOOK FOUR first! 


Speaking of BOOK FOUR, the good news is that things are finally starting to move again. Since the last update, I've written another 15,000 words (about 3 chapters). It's still slower than my normal speed, but I'm hopeful that by the next update I will have crossed the halfway mark. Here's the data.
Word Count: 132078 / 280000
Chapters: 36 / 77
Percent Complete: 46.8%

Those of you keeping track will notice the total length estimate jumped from 266K words to 280K. The last few chapters have all been extraordinarily long, and so I suspect that this estimate is really over-inflated at the moment, and that things will come down in another few chapters. But we'll see. As things stand, it's tracking to be longer than EMPIRE OF SILENCE and HOWLING DARK, but shorter than DEMON IN WHITE.

We shall see!

In any case, the situation at home is starting to look up, and I'm hopeful that the next few months will be a good deal smoother than the last. My goal is to finish by Thanksgiving, and I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get my full power back here in August. As of right now though, I still don't anticipate any delays with the release. 

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A Successful Kickstarter Book


A teenage girl finds something strange in the middle of the Canadian prairie. An exobiologist tries to liberate a giant alien enslaved on its homeworld by humans. The music of the spheres becomes literal for an Earth ship far from home. A superhero league interviews for new members. Strangers share a drink on a world where giant starships fall. A young woman finds unexpected allies as she tries to win a flying-machine race in steampunk London . . .

Ranging from boisterous to bleak, from humorous to harrowing, from action-filled to quiet and meditative; each of these stories is as unique as its creator. And yet, they all showcase one thing: the irrepressible need of human beings to create, to imagine, to tell stories.

To shape worlds.
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Crispin's Solo Novel


Crispin Marlowe grew up in his brother’s shadow, but Hadrian is gone, and his grandmother—the duchess of Delos—is dying.

Answering her summons, Crispin takes off on what should be a routine flight to the ducal palace from the castle at Devil’s Rest. But he is flying into a trap. 

With no one coming to save him and only his sister, Sabine, and a few injured guardsmen to protect him, House Marlowe’s least famous son must make his heroic stand.

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Photo Update

Check out this round table podcast interview for my anthology COSMIC CORSAIRS, hosted by Tony Daniel and featuring authors James L. Cambias, Sarah A. Hoyt, Carysa Locke...and some guy named Christopher.
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