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2021 Issue #14


One Month of Full-Time Writing Down . . . How Did It Go?

Let's just say that if my working life moving forward can be like this first month, I think I could get used to it. Things have been going extremely well. I'll get to the writing part of the update just below, but a lot's happened in a short time. My first day working full time here at home, EMPIRE OF SILENCE won the Hellfest Literary Prize for best novel in France, which was doubly cool as it was attached to the Hellfest heavy metal festival, and as many of you know, I'm a huge metal aficionado. We revealed the cover for KINGDOMS OF DEATH and formalized the US release date on March 8th, 2020.

What's more, I finished work on the special edition book THE LESSER DEVIL & OTHER STORIES, which combines the Crispin solo-novel with the 7 stories in TALES, VOL. 1 in a slick new hardcover package from Planet 9 Press. Kieran Yanner did the artwork for that one and we'll be ready to unveil it very soon! The cover features Crispin and Hadrian, as well as Lyra from TLD and Kalas and Carax from the short stories. I can't wait to show it off!


Not only was this month great for big news, but it was among the more productive months I've had writing in a long, long time. I finished my novella QUEEN AMID ASHES early in June (this novella is destined for inclusion in my SWORD & PLANET anthology, out this December). QUEEN AMID ASHES is the story of Hadrian's first adventure as an Imperial knight post-HOWLING DARK, and takes him to the planet Thagura for an especially grim lesson in just how bad the Cielcin are--and how bad humanity can be.

I spent the middle of the month working on the glossary and other back matter for KINGDOMS OF DEATH, which I am happy to report is totally finished up, and you'll be happy to hear features a bit more history and lore that the last couple sets of appendices, and I'm currently embroiled in another short story, "The Archaenaut," which is destined for my TIME TROOPERS anthology in April of next year. I'm 3000 words in and expect to have it done by this time next week, since the writing has been much smoother since I quit my day job!

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That's right! The time has come! KINGDOMS OF DEATH is available now wherever books are sold, so be sure to check out your favorite retailer.

HOWEVER, if you would like to pre-order a SIGNED copy of the new book in hardcover, check out the website for my local independent bookstore, Quail Ridge Books. Just note under "Other Comments" during checkout that you'd like your copy signed and they'll add you to the list for the March release!
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My eBook Collection


In case you missed it, earlier this year I released an eBook collection of SEVEN (count 'em!) short stories set in the Sun Eater universe, three featuring Hadrian, four not. 

If you're looking for something short to check out between books, or you're sick of waiting for KINGDOMS OF DEATH, I think you'll find that TALES OF THE SUN EATER, VOL. 1 is exactly what the doctor (meaning me) ordered:
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Photo Update

I will be at Raleigh GalaxyCon this month, downtown at the Raleigh Convention Center, along with a bunch of great writers at the Bard's Tower booth. This is only my second show since pandemic restrictions relaxed, and it'll be nice to be back out in the world. 

I'll be there all four days, so come and see me if you're in the area. 

Check out their site here:
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