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2020 Issue #27



First thing's first: the next Sun Eater short story, "Fire in the Sky," is coming out in just 2 weeks from Simultaneous Times. It's going to be absolutely free to listen to, just like "The Duelist." It's going to be the last new Sun Eater story in 2020, and lands us smack in the middle of the Cielcin invasion of Cordalos, a minor colony on the Imperial frontier. I'm excited to share it with you all, so stay tuned for that link in the next newsletter!

Speaking of new content, it's looking increasingly likely that the first short story collection is going to be Q1 2021. TALES OF THE SUN EATER, VOL. 1 is nearly all together, but I need to finish the bonus Hadrian story, and I won't be getting to that until I finish the first draft of BOOK FOUR (more on that below). 

But stories aren't the only thing going on! As I'm sure is obvious, I'm a great big Star Wars fan, so I thought it would be fun to celebrate the release of the new season of The Mandalorian with you all. I'm going to do some bonus livestreams over the next few weeks reacting to the new episodes, so if you want to talk about Star Wars and come hang out, check out the Sun Eater YouTube channel.

. . . and don't worry, I promise to have my daily writing done before we livestream. Hope to see you there!
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Speaking of BOOK FOUR, here's the latest update:
Word Count: 207113 / 302000
Chapters: 52 / 77
Percent Complete: 67.5%

It's been a relatively productive couple weeks. I took the week of the 19th off for a stay-at-home vacation, during which I managed to get a lot done. This last week was a little more scattered on the writing front, however, as my family welcomed the arrival of its newest member: my nephew is alive and well, as are his parents!

I managed about 21,000 words since the last newsletter--five whole chapters (and ALMOST 6, I missed it by about half a scene), or about 7% of the projected total. If you're keeping score, that projected total has continued to shrink, as I managed to combine another couple chapters. I still expect a little shrinkage moving forward, but we'll see.

In any case, this latest update saw me cross the 200K word mark, and with less than 100K to go, the finish line is in sight, even if it's still a ways away. I should deliver the first draft around the end of the year, if not a little after.

Once that's done, it's on to write the "Pits of Emesh" short story and to finish that first ebook short story collection, TALES OF THE SUN EATER, VOL. 1.

Spotlight On

A Free Sun Eater Audio Story


In case you missed it from last time, my short story "The Duelist" is available to listen to for free at the Sun Eater YouTube channel!

"The Duelist" tells the brief story of two Imperial knights fighting for a lady's honor--a tale old as time! It was an excuse to show off the ways highmatter fencing isn't like fighting with metal swords, and an opportunity to hear my work performed by my friend Jean-Paul Garnier of the Simultaneous Times podcast (who kindly allowed me to mirror the story here.

Plus, if you haven't subscribed to the Sun Eater YouTube channel, now's your chance!
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Crispin's Solo Novel


Crispin Marlowe grew up in his brother’s shadow, but Hadrian is gone, and his grandmother—the duchess of Delos—is dying.

Answering her summons, Crispin takes off on what should be a routine flight to the ducal palace from the castle at Devil’s Rest. But he is flying into a trap. 

With no one coming to save him and only his sister, Sabine, and a few injured guardsmen to protect him, House Marlowe’s least famous son must make his heroic stand

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Photo Update

Day before yesterday, I did my first Mandalorian YouTube review livestream/hangout, and you can check it out at the link below! My plan is to do one of these for each of the 7 remaining episodes, and I hope you'll come listen. We'll not just review the new episode, but talk about the influence Star Wars had on me as a writer, and about the Sun Eater, of course. Episode 2 is coming Friday, so be sure to subscribe for notifications!

Give it a listen!
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