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November 2019 Issue #2

News from the Sollan Empire

The Holidays are Coming

It's been a bit of a slow news month, for which I apologize. I'm working on a stack of short stories for next year and trying to relax a little now that DEMON IN WHITE is done. I finished playing Link's Awakening last night, and am looking forward to the new Star Wars game--which rumor says is actually good. Plus, Jenna and I just settled on food for our wedding in February, which is coming up so fast! 2020 is going to be a huge year for me--and us.

Next week, I'll be heading down to Charleston, SC for Atomacon, the first convention to ever *invite* me to come out (I either applied to the others or was brought in by my friend, Alexi). My programming is all on Saturday, so I expect I'll head home earlier on Sunday...after which it'll be smooth sailing and writing from here 'til the New Year.


I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! 


With DEMON IN WHITE safely on my editor's desk, I have a little bit of downtime...which of course I've been using to write more. As subscribers to this newsletter well know, I've been plugging through a list of short stories for various anthologies and publications in an effort to stay sharp between drafts and to fulfill a series of obligations to various friends and acquaintances. These have been going well, even a I pick up a couple new stories to add to the list and things change. 

Check it out:

1. "Victim of Changes." A Chantry Inquisitor presides over the trial of an Extrasolarian for crimes against her own humanity. For the OVERRULED anthology. Release Date: April 2020. -- COMPLETE

2. "A Requiem for Birds." Hadrian attends a funeral. For the Sun Eater short story collection. Release Date: TBA. -- COMPLETE

3. "Good Intentions." Valka runs into trouble on the road to a dig site on Sadal Suud. For the Worldshapers Podcast anthology. Release Date: 2020. -- COMPLETE

4. "Kill the King." An Imperial assassin is sent by Legion Intelligence to dispatch an Extrasolarian warlord during the Cielcin Wars. For THE DOGS OF GOD anthology. Release Date: March 2020. -- COMPLETE

5. "The Duelist." A palatine nobile must defend his honor in the time honored way. Includes a look at how highmatter swords are made and used. For the Space Cowboy podcast. Release Date: TBA. -- IN PROCESS

6. "The Night Captain." A junior officer must defend the Red Company from pirates while the main characters are in cryonic fugue. For the COSMIC CORSAIRS anthology. Release Date: August 2020. -- TO COME

The other Valka story I alluded to in my last letter, "Edda," has been upgraded to full-blown lite novel status, and will be in the same vein as the still-in-development-hell Crispin lite novel, THE LESSER DEVIL (news on that very, very soon, I promise). I hope I will be able to get it done before I have to return to work on the main Sun Eater series, but I am not optimistic with the holidays and my wedding both coming up so soon.


L.J Hachmeister & R.R. Virdi's


Can't wait for DEMON IN WHITE? No matter. Hadrian Marlowe returns Oct. 8, 2019 in "The Demons of Arae," an all-original novelette set between HOWLING DARK and DEMON IN WHITE. Pre-order the anthology today to get it and more--including the first ever Goodman Grey story from no less than Jim Butcher himself.

Spotlight On

The Sun Eater, Vol. 2


Book two is here at last and available in both the US and UK! Follow Hadrian beyond Imperial borders and into the black heart of Vorgossos itself. Available now also in audiobook form in the US (UK pending). 
Purchase (US)
Purchase (UK)
Photo Update

Here's something cool. As you may know, I work for Baen Publishing, and we received a request for book donations for the scientists in Corcordia Staton, Antarctica. Naturally, I slipped a copy of the first two Sun Eater books inside. 

Concordia Station is hundreds of miles inland and 10,000 feet above sea level on the Antarctic Plateau, meaning it's very close to where Lovecraft's city of the Elder Things would be if it were real. It also means I'll have readers on every continent, which is quite the feather in my cap.
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