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2020 Issue #3



You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen! THE LESSER DEVIL, the spin-off lite novel that follows Crispin Marlowe through his own adventure is coming to Amazon & Audible on April 14th, just 72 days away!

The book is nominally an audio-original, and will be released by Recorded Books--the same company that does the audiobooks for the main Sun Eater novels. AND YES, Samuel Roukin, the same guy who narrated EMPIRE OF SILENCE and HOWLING DARK, has provided the narration for this spin-off. 

I feel obligated to tell you all that THE LESSER DEVIL is not as long a book as the main Sun Eater novels. It's only 56K words (compared to EOS's 238K and HD's 260K), and it clocks in just a little shorter than the first Harry Potter novel. It follows Crispin, and revisits Devil's Rest and deals with some events at home in the window before Hadrian reaches Emesh. You'll see a couple familiar faces, meet some new ones, and join the less famous Marlowe in a battle against a threat to his family.

The book also dives into a little bit of worldbuilding that Hadrian hasn't had time for, and--if you'll allow me a little bit of a teaser--it also serves as a bit of a set up for a character who won't be introduced to Hadrian's story until BOOK FIVE!

In addition to the audio, I intend to at least have an ebook edition posted and ready for pre-order soon, to release on the same day. Print may be a bit delayed, I'm not sure yet. My typesetter and I have been having some difficulties with Amazon and the formatting of the pages. So stay tuned. My hope is to have the ebook at least up for pre-order by the end of the month. 


We have 156 days to go before the release of DEMON IN WHITE!

The outline for BOOK FOUR is really coming together. I'm nearly through about chapter 60 now and approaching the end game, and boy is this going to be a tough ride. That being said, it's shaping up to be a real heavy hitter, and I think you're going to enjoy it even as your throw your book across the room. I expect to be more or less finished with the outline by the end of next week, and then I'll put it aside for a few days before I go back through and revise/expand it with more details before I go ahead and print it to begin my work on the first draft.

I lagged a bit in my re-read of DEMON IN WHITE. I'm nearing the end and working hard scanning for terms and characters to build those lovely appendices my mother insists I include so she can keep everything straight. Additionally, I forgot I need to translate about 40 lines of Cielcin language text, and I really need to get on that ASAP.

By my immediate attentions are given over to a certain secret project that I can't wait to tell you all about. That should also be done by the end of the week--and definitely by the next newsletter. It's going to be real big news, and I can't wait to share it will you all. It's a very different experience for me and outside my comfort zone--but I think you'll be as excited as me when I'm allowed to finally talk about it. 

Spotlight On

My Short Story


In case you missed it, HOWLING DARK wasn't Hadrian's only adventure in 2019. I did a 3-chapter novelette called "The Demons of Arae" that's set between HOWLING DARK and DEMON IN WHITE which sends the Red Company out to find a lost legion.

It appeared in this anthology, PARALLEL WORLDS, edited by my friends LJ Hachmeister & RR Virdi.

PLUS it includes a Dresden Files story by the great Jim Butcher following the character of Goodman Grey, so if any of you are fans of that series and haven't checked this really should.


Justin T. Call's


I plugged this I think in 2018, but very foolishly did not realize it was only out in the UK at the time. But it's out in February and FOLKS, you don't want to sleep on this one. 

If you like the biography element of the Sun Eater books, if you like the hero-but-dark-lord vibe of my work, you'll like this. It's kind of the epic fantasy version of the Sun Eater...and to cap it off, Justin is the coolest guy--and he's already finished book 2 and is well into writing book 3, so just like me, he won't leave you high and dry.

You have to preorder this one, it RIPS. 
Photo Update

I'm not a big BookTube frequenter, but at the suggestion of one of my beta reader (Hello, Nick!) I sent some review copies of EMPIRE OF SILENCE and HOWLING DARK to Book YouTuber Daniel Greene. A couple of you went out of the way to message me saying you saw them on the video, which was real cool. He's not read them yet, but for the curious, you can see them in this unboxing video around the 18 minute mark. 

(And I swear, my note said "breech," not "brooch." My handwriting is very cramped).
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