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2020 Issue #26



It's been a long year, and despite current events an oddly productive one. Beyond the release of DEMON IN WHITE and THE LESSER DEVIL, I released 2 anthologies (OVERRULED and COSMIC CORSAIRS), and appeared in 2 more (THE DOGS OF GOD and SHAPERS OF WORLDS). I've written and published 4 short stories in these various anthologies: "Victim of Changes," "The Night Captain," "Kill the King," and "Good Intentions." 

But I'm not quite done! Just yesterday, I delivered the final text of a new story, "Fire in the Sky," to my friends at the Simultaneous Times podcast. "Fire in the Sky" shows a Cielcin invasion from the point of view of a humble Imperial villager, and I'm pleased to announce it will be available FOR FREE to listen on 11/15.

It's looking likely that "Fire in the Sky" will be my last new release of 2020. If I'm lucky finishing the first draft of BOOK FOUR, I hope to knock out the Hadrian-as-gladiator story "The Pits of Emesh" so I can get that first short story ebook collection out in time for New Years. More likely it will be an early 2021 release, as I mentioned in the last letter.


Speaking of BOOK FOUR, here's the latest update:
Word Count: 186260 / 309000
Chapters: 47 / 78
Percent Complete: 60.3%

Only managed about 14K words since the last newsletter, but what you're not seeing is the 4K words I wrote for "Fire in the Sky" in parallel with the progress here on BOOK FOUR, for a very respectable 18K in the last two weeks. I've got the next week off work, and I'm really hoping I can slam out a few 2000-word days. Even if I can't, I expect to cross that 200K word threshold by the next newsletter, which is excellent news. As readers of this letter will know, this book has been an absolute trial--but I think the blood and sweat will pay off. 

Some of that shrinkage I was forecasting in the last letter has happened. The total chapter count went from 80 to 78 (the same number of chapters as EMPIRE OF SILENCE, as it happens), and the final estimate has plunged from 319K to 309K. I'm hoping to bring that total under 285K, thereby making this shorter than DEMON IN WHITE . . . but I've been unlucky in pulling that off thus far.

The next several chapters should be a bit easier. Of course, it's a Sun Eater novel . . . so you know there's a battle or two still to fight.

Still no word on permission for that title reveal . . . hopefully soon.

Spotlight On

A Free Sun Eater Audio Story


In case you missed it from last time, my short story "The Duelist" is available to listen to for free at the Sun Eater YouTube channel!

"The Duelist" tells the brief story of two Imperial knights fighting for a lady's honor--a tale old as time! It was an excuse to show off the ways highmatter fencing isn't like fighting with metal swords, and an opportunity to hear my work performed by my friend Jean-Paul Garnier of the Simultaneous Times podcast (who kindly allowed me to mirror the story here.

Plus, if you haven't subscribed to the Sun Eater YouTube channel, now's your chance!
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Crispin's Solo Novel


Crispin Marlowe grew up in his brother’s shadow, but Hadrian is gone, and his grandmother—the duchess of Delos—is dying.

Answering her summons, Crispin takes off on what should be a routine flight to the ducal palace from the castle at Devil’s Rest. But he is flying into a trap. 

With no one coming to save him and only his sister, Sabine, and a few injured guardsmen to protect him, House Marlowe’s least famous son must make his heroic stand

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Photo Update

Speaking of Space Cowboy Books, I did a reading and a Q&A session on Zoom with my friend Jean-Paul last weekend, and we got into some great stuff--we even veered off science fiction for a bit to talk about another passion of mine: '80s heavy metal. 

Give it a listen!
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