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Elevator notices give me a lift

This week on the podcast, Sue and I chat about lift information screens and notices.  We like them.
I always have a sticky-beak when I'm visiting friends' buildings, as they can provide you with a lot of info about the block and, even more importantly, some insight into their residents and committees.
I barely notice the stray apostrophes on plurals (or should I say plural's?) any more. It's remonstrations like "please don't flick cigarettes or used condoms off balconies" that get my attention.  Nice neighbours you've got there!
Considering many buildings have permanent signs asking people not to put umbrellas down their garbage chutes, requests not to dangerously drop empty wine bottles 20 floors into their bin rooms seem almost mundane.
Signs warning about noisy work from renovations are so commonplace in some blocks that you'd think they might be better off announcing when the buildings will be cacophony-free (and I write as someone who has instigated my share of drilling and hammering) . 
Reminders to dry off between leaving the pool and entering the lift, are reasonable.  And a recent notice asking owners not to smear the lift buttons with hand sanitizer is a real sign of the times, in so many ways.
But my all-time favourite was the one wishing residents a "happy and prosperous New Year."  Which was great, except underneath it carried the permanent lift notice sign-off, "See concierge for further details."
The queue from the front desk ran all the way to the puddles of pool water outside the lift doors.



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