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Welcome to a newsletter for the Cadets of Bronte and their parents. Here we’ll share news, patrol updates and anything else of interest. If you would like to contribute, we’d love to hear from you, please send us an email with your articles or photos.

Congratulations SRC 2020!

Well done and welcome to patrolling!
Immeasurable gratitude to the dedicated and passionate trainers, the generous and encouraging Age Managers and the supportive and enthusiastic parents who ensured this group of Nippers were prepared and ready to hit patrols running.

Congratulations to our newest Cadet Bronzies

Jake, Hugo, Harry, Finn, Harry, Gracie and Jemima successfully completed their Bronze Medallion on Sunday. Good luck to Sami and Gabi who will sit the final assessment task in January.
More thanks to their dedicated and patient trainers!

with CP9   by Noah Anderson

This is Noah Anderson…. I just recently, with others, completed my SRC. I have just joined Patrol 9 with the Patrol Captain Gary Lucsombe. I would like to give a big thanks to Steve, Amber, Chris and Johno who have been with us all throughout Nippers. When we all arrived in our new shiny yellow and red patrol uniform at 8am we were all instructed to set up the patrol tent, although none of us there had any experience. It was quite a struggle even with everyone helping as we could not find the mallet, but eventually we got it up. After that we all went and grabbed the board and paddle out to the shark nets, we messed around a bit. At around 11 all the nippers boys and girls arranged to do a Tamarama to Bronte swim, and we all did water safety for that. After our patrol we all signed off and I enjoyed a half price mango smoothie!

A word from the 2020 Nipper Captains, Maggie & Edan

FROM EDAN: We all know that Bronte is the best Surf Life Saving Club in the Sydney Branch (if not Australia!) so I know that I speak for all of the 2020 U14s when I say that we feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to complete our SRC here. First and foremost, we are so thankful to the absolutely amazing team of people who have supported and guided us through the theory and practical skills. They not only made sure we passed the assessments; thanks to their efforts we all had heaps of fun and plenty of opportunities to enjoy REALLY early beautiful Bronte mornings!  Many of us have been Nippers here since we were 6 and there is a real sense of pride and accomplishment as we head into the next chapter of our time at Bronte. On behalf of all the U14’s, I’d like to send a massive shout out to Jono and Chris Hatton our age managers. They’ve put a huge number of voluntary hours into each and every one of us over the years and we are truly grateful to them.  We also want to say thanks to Bettsy for steering the Nipper ship through the past few years and especially during this season and the challenges of a global pandemic. Thanks also to Jess, Amber and all of the people who make things happen in the background. Things like the SRC just couldn't take place without people willing to donate their time toward investing in us. Finally, to our parents, thanks for doing water safety, for getting us up and on the beach at 5.30am and making sure we learnt our signals! We’re all a bit nostalgic to have Nippers behind us but totally pumped to get out on patrol and continue to be a part of  the awesome Bronte SLSC community.                
FROM MAGGIE:  The 2020 SRC course was a lot of fun! Whilst COVID did make the course slightly harder from a training perspective, it was still an awesome experience. On behalf of the SRC graduates of 2020 we’d like to thank the following people for helping us successfully receive our SRC. First of all, a massive thank you to Steve Tindale for being an awesome trainer and teaching us everything! Steve’s enthusiasm, knowledge and chocolates helped us all through. We’d also like to thank Emily Harrison for helping us train and prepare for our assessment, her time was both valuable and very appreciated. Sophie Valdek and Sam Stone, thank you also for giving up your time to help train us. And a huge thanks to Ruk de Silva and Nicolette Birkholdt - two of our Bronte assessors - for being so nice and encouraging throughout our assessment.
I would highly recommend all the younger years to do their SRC, it is a fantastic experience. As an age group, the U14 girls found the course really enjoyable.
Here are a few of my favourite things about the course:
  • Tube rescue practice: very fun, you get to mess around with your mates while still learning to rescue someone
  • Sharing a rescue board: not so fun if you get dumped, but a great way to learn how to paddle with someone on the front of the board!
  • Quizzes with Steve: what can I say? We got free chocolate!
Personally, I found the SRC to be fun, and the assessment was definitely easier than I expected. As most of us know, assessments, especially school assessments can be stressful. However the SRC assessment was not that stressful as we had been taught so well and had done so much practice, it was a piece of cake. During the SRC course, we built on skills that we had already been taught and also learnt completely new skills.
New skills we learnt during the SRC were:
  • Signals: 14 signals that were completely new to us, but we had heaps of fun learning them!
  • DRSABCD: Building on what we had been taught from previous years but going into more depth
  • Radios: Like talking on your walkie talkie! No, I’m just kidding. Learning to use a radio was something new but most of us found it super fun to talk in pro words like “Roger” and “Wilco”
  • Board rescues: We used our board skills to learn how to do an unconscious board rescue and a conscious board rescue, which are both super fun to practice with your mates!
  • Tube rescues: We had done a little bit of this in previous years, but they were so easy and fun, we spent most of the time practising board rescues
Graduating Nippers was definitely a bittersweet moment for all us. Some of us had been doing Nippers since the very beginning, for all 9 years, from U6’s to U14’s! We were the ones who stuck through to the end. For me graduating Nippers was a little bit sad as I had been doing Nippers for more than half my life and couldn’t remember a time when I hadn’t done it! But graduating Nippers also felt awesome, as I had finally become a Cadet. I still have many more early mornings and big waves to face, only this time instead of being in my Nippers pink rashie, I will be in my surf lifesaving new uniform of red and yellow, and patrolling down at our beautiful Bronte beach.                          


CLUB SWIM: Congratulations to Gaston who has won the handicap Club Swim Race 3 weeks in a row!
There will be an end of season award for the Cadet with the most Club Swim points. It's not too late to take up the challenge. Current points leaders Gaston & Charlie A.
+ Amber & Steve will shout hot chips from the kiosk for anyone who beats a lifeguard across the line in the swim on any given week!

PATROL 10: Shorey Dash (aka Dash to Get Smashed): winner Ed Baxter

PATROL 11: Dash for Hot Chips: winner Zach Nguyen

What will your next patrol challenge be???

Our 2019-20 Award Winners

It was an honour to belatedly present last seasons Award Winners at the recent Club Awards ceremony.
HARRY STAINES: Cadet of the Year + over 100 patrol hours
WILL JOHNSTONE: Youth Member of the Year
WILL HARTWIG: Rookie of the Year
Congratulations each of you and thank you for the significant contribution you made to the Club last season.

We're looking forward to seeing who makes it in to the 100+ hours club this season!
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