Issue 8 - May 2019
So often we end up with these artifacts that some consultant made for us or we generated at an off site that's like set in stone and you never touch it again, whereas a Wardley Map invites you to continue the conversation over time as things change, and I really like that.

— Cat Swetel on Greater Than Code Podcast
Welcome to Mapping Maps! Here's sharing with you last month's best of curated stuff on mapping. 

Crossing the River

Check here for Simon Wardley's latest keynote. It doesn't matter how many times I have watched 'Crossing the River', I always find something new and insightful to learn!
More and more often we see discussion around this point of Evolutionary vs Process Flow (also covered in last month's newsletter). I believe it's so important to know the difference that it’s really worth repeating.

"The single most costly problem I see in business (probably even more than waste and bias, which are both huge) are people optimising exactly the wrong process flow rather than realising it has evolved. The danger of being trapped by a context and not "seeing it"."

Journey towards Microservices

I really enjoyed watching this video by Susanne Kaiser on complexities of an evolving software architecture. With delightful slides, she makes use of Wardley Maps to share how to define the right strategy. Those slides are really a fascinating work of art! :-)
Finding myself using Wardley Maps and Cynefin in discussions more often. Really helpful tools to discuss product, engineering, life, etc

 — Sam Ahn

Terrain Of Operations

In this video, Chris Hunt looks at project management from the lens of Wardley Maps. Troubled with question of where to invest scarce time and resources of the team, he shares the story of mapping the product backlog in order to prioritize the right things to do.

Thanks to Michael T Lombardi, check here for a helpful commentary on the talk.
(Mapping) takes practice, it's rarely something that you magically can do. You're dealing with many components and actors on a single landscape. Even in military history, the simplest maps can be overwhelming for many.

 — Simon Wardley

Evolving Practice of Security

Michael Brunton-Spall with a remarkable talk about complexity and evolution of security space.  He shares insights on how developers and security people can use Wardley Maps to collaborate and use modern practices.

"These Wardley maps allow us to see these changing landscapes. They allow us to discuss strategies. And one important thing that I think is really important is the map isn't reality. There are issues and errors around this and so forth. It is an abstraction, but it helps us talk about those abstractions. So it helps us understand what's going on."

I just looked up these wardley maps... why haven't I known about these until now?! They look like what my boss and I have been trying to conceptualize for years.

— Josh King

Learn Wardley Mapping

Learning Wardley Mapping is a great resource as a reference for information you would occasionally need when mapping.

Further, information in the Wardley Maps book can be quite dense. Ben does a great job of extracting the essence of each chapter into videos that are easy to digest and understand with crystal clear explanations.

Advanced Learning

For some advanced level Wardley Maps learning, check out Wardley Maps BattleCamp. Thanks to Alexander Simovic for open sourcing this. Now need to try it out soon!

A Wardley Map BattleCamp is an advanced Wardley Map workshop dedicated to teaching and training people (and robots!) to do Gameplay. Its purpose is to show that there are other important phases of the Wardley Map Strategy Cycle, such as "Climatic Patterns", "Doctrine" and "Gameplay".

The Doctrine will help you if it is a byproduct of a laser-sharp focus on your stakeholders, not a goal in itself.

 — Chris Daniel on Doctrine

Maps & Situational Awareness - A Teaser

This is an amazing new teaser video with nice visuals made available by Mike Lamb. It looks great for providing newcomers with a quick and friendly introduction to Wardley Maps and Situational Awareness.

Mapping Innovation

Stumbled these interesting slides shared by Peter Beck covering multiple things like mapping value chain, evolution, innovation, communication and methodologies.

Wardley Maps at a Consultancy

Chop Chop, a consultancy, describes here how they use Wardley Maps as one of the tool in their repository -

"We’ve used simplified versions of Wardley maps in future-casting projects as we look to establish the potential impact of technical evolution on client’s business."

A lot of revolutions are coming out of London. Right now we are seeing people in London using Wardley Maps and Cynefin for strategy and decisions.

 — Liz Keogh (thanks to notes by Jessica Kerr)


Big event of the year of course would be the Map Camp 2019 scheduled for 15 October in London.

Check here for a detailed summary of Map Camp 2018 by Chris. The event was also covered in the very first edition of this newsletter last year :-)

Here's a list of some more upcoming events with talks or workshops on Wardley Maps -
Curated with 🧡 by Harprit
I would love to hear your feedback -
Wardley Mapping is provided courtesy of Simon Wardley, CC BY-SA 4.0 

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