I think for software leaders in particular, what something like Wardley Mapping enables you to do is to be intentional in a local way. I basically just mean, when you look at all the parts of the system that you're responsible for, do you have an intention for each part?

 — Ben Mosior on Build Better Software Podcast

Hi there! Welcome to Mapping Maps Newsletter #14. 

Apologies for delay in this edition and thanks for your patience. Here's a curation of best recent findings on Wardley Maps. I hope you learn and enjoy from this as much as I did!

Wardley Maps Track at OSS

Great to see a track fully dedicated to maps at the Open Security Summit held last month. Check here for a big range of videos from talks introducing mapping to sessions applying maps to security, strategy, culture and team topologies.
On Team Topologies, thanks to Markus Harrer for sharing above map depicting different types of teams on a map.

Mapping Simplicity

Ben Ford shared above fascinating visual beautifully capturing essence of the evolutive stages on a map.

Mapping Audience

An interesting story at izooto mapping audience from a publisher's point of view. Defining and comparing two types of audiences - organically grown on a self hosted system v/s audience arriving from aggregators like Google and Facebook. Also, check this video on why, in the long term, it makes more sense to go with the former instead of depending on big aggregators.

Science & Tech Cycle

Alastair Moore commenting with a map on the back and forth cycle between science and engineering and how that rhythm leads to development of higher order systems.

"Can't help think that along the lines of Cartwrights ‘knowledge-that’ but also ‘knowledge-how’ that there should be both techne and episteme orthogonal axes and the nodes sit in a higher dimensional map"

Epidemic to Pandemic

Above map, extremely relevant to current times, as shared by Dr. Padmavathi Roy. Not a conventional map but nevertheless really interesting to see the X-axis tracking the evolution of practices evolving with time to contain the virus.

Strategy Cycles Illustrated

Julius Gamanyi maps narratives and strategy cycle of Louis Gerstner who is credited for turnaround of IBM's fortunes. It's a great read with Gerstner's decisions and context around them portrayed on maps.

Above map showing summary of Gerstner’s actions when faced with challenges like IBM's customer relationships and product portfolio at one geographical location having no semblance at other locations. Also, showing focus on evolving business practices like marketing and compensation at which IBM was lagging compared to the rest of the industry.

Understanding Movement

Ben Mosior explains about Y-axis being simply an aid for determining relative positioning of components on a map. As opposed to usual understanding of movement along both X and Y coordinates, what's far more important in maps is the evolutive movement along the X Axis.

"Maybe pointing this difference out will help us interpret how the word is used in this method, and maybe we can even propose new words as we make the method better!"

More reading on this subject -

On the Right Side of Map

Slobodan Stojanović maps the case for serverless while sharing a personal story of building a product. Also check this conversation at Real-World Serverless podcast for more insights from Slobodan on FinDev and maps.

"Remember that with serverless, you'll be slightly more on the right side of that Wardley map up there, probably just behind that big inertia wall. And all things are slowly leaning that right side. Pick your battles very carefully, and build excellent products"

Mapping to Mansion

On lighter side, a map shared by Venkatesh Rao. As he admits, there are lots of gaps on the road from writing to mansion :-) Nevertheless, the positioning of components seems just about right!


Finally, here's a round up of some recently discovered learning resources from around the community -
Curated with 🧡 by Harprit
I would love to hear your feedback.
Wardley Mapping is provided courtesy of Simon Wardley, CC BY-SA 4.0 

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