Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Another socially distanced week has gone by! Around the house we’ve been enjoying (maybe too much) some leftover Halloween treats.
The most we’ve done outside the house is go to some more doctor appointments. We’ve had to do a little follow up on Julia’s left ear. She had some fluid in it after she was born which we found out has now cleared out. The doctors are having us do one more hearing screening at UA to make sure her hearing is fine now that the fluid is gone. Here is a picture of our car trip to the appointment. I think they are getting this sibling thing figured out!
In other Julia news—she rolled over from her back to her front! In good second child fashion, though, she decided to do this roll when both Ben and I were looking the other direction. As a result, we didn’t get to capture the moment so there is no good picture!
Patrick has done some more exploring around the yard. Here he is handing me some very small rocks he found over in Mr. Joe’s yard. While I was ready for some cooler weather, this warmer weather has allowed us to get Patrick outside which we’re realizing is necessary for a two-year-old that has been living a socially distanced life for months now!
We’re praying for everyone that is affected by coronavirus directly and for all of those that are feeling a little lonely in our isolated world these days.

Sarah James

2    Kate Hindamn     
2    Wendy Sullivan   
4    Karl Weems     
4    Michael Shepherd 
6    Jack Martin       
8    Leah Howton     
9    Allen Brunk         
16  Madison Clifton   
22  Larry Wright          
23  Chris Gary              
23  Jim Sims 
24  Tana Humbers 
25  Joyce Prater 
26  Bessie Stewart 

PLEASE take the time to call, text, or send a card to our birthday people this month. I know they will appreciate the gesture!  

Kathy Elmore
Hayden Parker                       
Tony Pendleton                       
Sandra Tucker
Nathan Jacobs                       
Beverly Jeans
Sharon Morrison                     
Ken Fields, Sr.                         
Willie Hardy
Dan Fowler                             
Shirley Watson                         
Randy May
Curt Fowler                             
Cora Mae Bobo 
Carolyn Phillips
Robin Campbell - Generations of Vernon
Mack Hindman - Hospitalized in Atlanta
Halie McCartney
Christy Ballard 
Robert Lamoureux
Jack Stricklin
Chase Ayres
Dan Fowler
Ronny Gregory
Mary Glasgow- Transplant needed 
Larry Hindman
Patsy Cosby COVID
Joey Cosby COVID
Courtney Sullivan COVID
Ellie Collins-COVID- ICU
Robert Ray COVID
Tana Humbers COVID
ALL 4 HIM - Practice
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Practice at the Civic Center

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Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm 

TEAM 456 - 4th - 6th Grade
Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm
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High School Student Group - 9th - 12th Grade 
Wednesday's @ 6:00 pm
Meeting at the church

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