April 4, 2019
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It is hard to believe it has been 5 years since I began my season as the Common Ground Worship leader. I often tell the band, and I am sure many of you have heard me say, that this is one of the greatest joys of my entire life. So I want to start this letter off by saying Thank You! You have been extremely patient, wildly supportive and forgiving, and more than anything, you have always been open to new ideas, eager to help, and eager to grow. I am so thankful for how we have grown as a church body, but with that growth comes new challenges and we must continue to be open to new ideas and eager to step out of our comfort zone so that we can continue the work that was started so many years ago when this church was founded.
A friend sent me a link this past week to a podcast for a message delivered at Vibrant Church over in Columbus, MS a few weeks ago. The message was given by Chris Hodges, who is the senior pastor at Church of the Highlands. He was a guest speaker at Vibrant to help them celebrate the opening of their brand new church building. The message was an wonderful reflection on who we are as God’s children and what our purpose is and it struck me as such an incredible study for our church at this time.
Who are we?
Hodges tells a powerful and engaging account of what he calls the worst 45 minutes of his life – when he lost his youngest son in a strange city known for its crime and kidnappings. As he is telling the story, Hodges makes a very profound statement – when you are looking for something that you have lost that has great value to you, you don’t make a note of all the things you have found.In his situation, his wife and his other four children were safe - they were found - and while he was thankful for that, in that moment, nothing else mattered to him except finding what was lost. 
I’m so thankful I am found. I am so thankful I am part of the flock, part of the herd under the care and protection of The Good Shepherd. I am so thankful to be surrounded by such a loving group of people who make me feel like I belong, who pray for me, who support me. Sometimes it can be so easy to get caught up in the warmth and comfort of being with the group that I forget what my purpose is.
What is our purpose? 
Hodges goes on to connect the dots in his story. As he is recounting the horror of losing his child, he remembers how frustrating it was to try and find people who were willing and able to help him find his son and how unconcerned he was with anyone who wasn’t able to help. It didn’t matter to him if that was a stranger, an unconcerned policeman, or members of his own family or friends. He says that anyone who wasn’t trying to help him find what he had lost was just in his way
God sought out each and every one of us with the same zeal and the same passion. And He continues to urgently seek out all those who are lost. The question we all need to continue to ask ourselves is – are we helping or are we simply in the way.
So much work to be done!
To wrap things up, Hodges circles back around to his original scripture reference – the woman at the well. As he is teaching on this point he makes reference to a part of the scripture I have always overlooked – perhaps you have as well. If you will recall, after Jesus tells the woman of His living water and she realizes who she is, she goes back to her town and gathers everyone to bring them to meet and be saved by Jesus. When His disciples realize that all these people are coming, they encourage Jesus to step away and eat. The literally say “Hey Jesus, I know all these people are coming to see you, and they all need salvation, but let’s go get something to eat.” Jesus quickly informs them that now isn’t the time to relax and be comfortable, there is too much work to be done – now is the time for harvest!
Our church has made the difficult decisions in the past to move away from where we are comfortable to evolve as God’s people, to evolve as a worshipping congregation, to evolve as God’s church. As a result, we find ourselves uniquely positioned to reach so many people in our community. In the coming days and weeks, as you are presented with new thoughts and new ideas, I would like to encourage you to approach them with this thought process – I am found, will this help me reach someone who is lost?
I’ve been wrong about so many things in my life, but on this matter I am certain. If we are willing to continue to sacrifice our comfort zone and step into Gods; if we are willing to do whatever it takes to help Him find what is lost that has great value to Him, He will do immeasurable things though us. 
So Much Love,


Our Story Over The Last
Two Weeks:
9 AM: March Avg. 130
11 AM:  March Avg. 51
CR: March Avg. 42
Ash Wed: 155
Church Mtg. 125
Through 3/25
Budget Needs: $84,127.56
Collections: $75,015.64
Difference: ($9,111.91)
Small Groups: March Avg.
456: 10
JAM: 13
Sun. Youth: 14
Wed. Youth:  15
FUEL College:15
Sun. Small Groups:  85
Mid Week Small Groups:133

Outreach and Missions:
Fishes and Loaves meals served-NOT REPORTED
Families served through In As Much Fund in February:8
Amount invested in January: $1,146.99

Fishes and Loaves will prepare and distribute over 500 meals to those in need around the Fayette and Berry communities. The next date they will gather is on April 20. Meal prep begins around 8, distribution about 10:30. This is a great ministry for all ages to be involved. We have been low on delivery people, so please make this a priority this month.

Christian Center of Concern needs: purple hull peas, toilet paper

In As Much Fund: donate on Communion Sunday or through church office

Youth Service Project 2019: volunteers with construction knowledge needed as we set a course for youth missions in home repair for needy residents of Fayette in the summer of 2019 and beyond


Ground Zero is a new jail ministry where Devon Eason and Mike Emmanuel (Director of Restoration Springs) are allowed into the jail to minister to inmates. This ministry desires to place Bibles in each inmate's hand as there is a great need for this.  An account has been set up at Grounds of Faith to help purchase these Bibles.  If you would like to donate to this ministry, simply stop by Grounds of Faith and let them know that you would like to help place a bible in an inmate's hand. Thank you for your help in this amazing ministry.

Fishes & Loaves ministry is this April 20th. Food prep begins at 8 and delivery at 10. WE NEED DELIVERY PEOPLE!  Please set aside some time and help feed those in need in our community.

Our church is one of 16 congregations selected to participate in an initiative sponsored by Samford University's Center for Congregational Resources. This is in connection with a potential $30,000 grant for new ministries that Dana has been talking about. It is a tremendous opportunity for our church!


Please complete this 20 minute online survey by March 31 so we can learn more about how our members understand calling and its role in a life of meaning and purpose.

You can find the survey here:

Please call Dana Gilliam with any questions.

Sunday Morning Small Group-K4-6th,
10-10:45 in the workroom

Jesus And Me (JAM), 4-5:30 PM,
Fellowship Hall

Wednesdays-456, 6 PM at McDonald's

Next JAM Events:

This Sun April 7th - we’ll make Resurrection Gardens!

Sun April 14th - Kids wave Palm Branches at 9:00 and 11:00 worship!! A grown-up will help get the kids together that morning so that they’ll know when to enter worship! Kids will enter waving branches, bring them to the alter and then return to their seats! Thank you in advance for all participation!! 

2nd Event on 14th.....

We’ll venture downtown for our 2nd annual “205” Easter Egg Hunt!!! Please meet in the fellowship hall at 4:00 and the Egg Hunt will begin about 4:15! We’ll have supper and then finish up by 5:30!!

*Please mark your calendars:

”ROAR” VBS - June 15th-19th, 5:30-8:15 pm!!!

Adventure Camp II @ Timberlake - July 14th-19th!!! 

*Please note: MAY 1st is the DEADLINE for Timberlake registration!! PLEASE contact August ASAP with confirmation if your child is going!!! Thank you!!!

Sundays at 5 PM
Wednesdays at 6 PM


Long range dates: 
Senior Sunday-May 5
Youth Mission Week-June 10-14
VBS-June 15-19
BigStuf Camp at PCB-June 24-28

April 2019 Youth Schedule


April 3              6:00                 Youth Bible Study (youth room)

April 7              10:00               Youth Lunch fundraiser

April 7              5:00                 Youth Bible Study (youth room)

April 10            6:00                 Youth Bible Study (youth room)

April 14                                  205 Egg Hunt (downtown Fayette)

April 17     6:00   Youth Fellowship Meal (Sam’s Smokehouse)

April 19            6:00                 Good Friday Service (Sanctuary)

April 19            6:45                 Youth Movie Night (Tuscaloosa)

April 20           10:00                Fishes and Loaves Delivery

April 21                                Easter (no evening programming)

April 24            6:00                 Youth Bible Study (youth room)

April 28    No evening programming (Ms. Dana at Sumantaga)


REMINDER: BigStuf Summer Camp balances are due by May 14th!  Payments can be broken down if needed so long as the balance is paid by May 14th!  Scholarships are available; please see Ms. Dana for details!

SENIOR PARENTS!!!  Please gather 20-25 pictures of your child and have them to Ms. Dana by April 15th!  We have a rather large class of 2019 so pictures need to be in as soon as possible so the class video can be started!

YOUTH MOVIE NIGHT in Tuscaloosa will be Friday, April 19th following the Good Friday service.  We will depart immediately after the service for Cobb Theater to watch Breakthrough.  More details about this event will be sent out via text.

FISHES AND LOAVES delivery will be Saturday, April 20th at 10:00.  All youth are encouraged to come and help deliver meals to our community as we spread the love of Christ to those around us. 

Young Adult Ministry
Tuesday Nights at 7:00 PM

Sunday Small Group 10 AM

Thursday nights-
meal at 6:30, worship at 7, small groups at 8.

Regular Events
Mondays at Morningview, 10:30 each week. Join some amazing people in a time of worship together. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO TAKE A MONDAY A MONTH TO LEAD THIS TIME TOGETHER. Contact Pastor Scott if you can help.

Wednesday In The Word Bible Study at 10:30 AM at the church. We start back on January 30 with a study on the Epistle of James. No book necessary except your Bible.  We would love to have you join us.

Sunday Morning Schedule
Common Ground modern worship at 9 AM
Traditional worship at 11 AM
Sunday small groups at 10 AM
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