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The Campus Life Development Committee is charged with the responsibility of working collaboratively across all units to help to foster a culture of respect and appreciation for others; to encourage personal and professional growth; and to help to develop an understanding of common divisional goals and institutional values.

Excerpt from Campus Life Development Committee Charge from W. Rochelle Calhoun

Please welcome and congratulate the 2020-2021 Campus Life Development Committee Chairs and Members! Thank you in advance for your work and dedication to Campus Life. 

2020-2021 Committee Composition

Chairs: LaTanya N. Buck (OVPCL/ODI), Chris Burkmar (OVPCL)

Executive Committee: Co-chairs of each subcommittee (recognized below with * next to name)

Communications Subcommittee
Andrew Borders (Athletics)
Vicky Byrd (OVPCL)
Mike Caddell (Career Development)
Ian Deas* (ODUS)
Maria Lauron-Ramos (Athletics/Campus Recreation)
Sandra Presby-Schreyer (UHS)
Elsie Sheidler* (Pace)
Zinnia Yoon (ROTC)
Victoria Yu (ODI)

Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee
Brighid Dwyer (ODI)
Micaela Ensminger (Career Development)
Maggie Hussar (Pace)
Garrett Meggs* (ODUS)
Jes Norman (ODI)
Avina Ross (UHS/SHARE)
Sarah Shouvlin (Athletics/Campus Recreation)
Theresa Thames* (ORL)

Social Engagement Subcommittee
Dan Bennett (Athletics/Campus Recreation)
Leanna Jahnke (Wintersession & Campus Engagement)
Andria Mirabal* (Career Development)
Jessica Muroff (Athletics)
Nora Osei (Athletics/Campus Recreation)
Neena Robertson (ODUS)
Helen Tau (Athletics)
Geralyn Williams* (Pace)

Professional Development Subcommittee
Darleny Cepin-Bailey* (ODUS)
Katherine Clifton (ORL)
Pam Cohen (Career Development)
Jess Deutsch* (Athletics)
Anne Laurita (UHS/TigerWell)
Macall Martin (Athletics)
Lexy Parrill Sarstedt (ODUS)
Caroline Stone (ODUS)

In this issue, we bring you:

A few newsworthy items, professional development & wellness opportunities, and Campus Life Shout Outs.

News & Announcements

"The success of our efforts this fall will depend on cooperation from all of you.  We ask for your understanding and patience as we work through the myriad details that must be addressed to make the coming year as successful and healthy as possible." - Christopher L. Eisgruber, president Princeton University

To stay up to date on planning, policies, and resources for Fall Term 2020, visit

The D&I Framework is a great tool for you to use as you plan for Fall 2020!

The D&I Framework provides a guide for how we engage our work within the Office of the Vice President for Campus Life and across the University. Operating from a model that centers student identity development theory, the Framework allows us to create programming and experiences that engage students and support colleagues in D&I learning that is strategic, intentional, and evidence-based.

Within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion-Campus Life, we incorporate student learning outcomes from the Framework’s rubric into our efforts, including workshops and training, peer education initiatives, and mentorship programs. These outcomes, targeting the undergraduate student experience, are specifically focused on concepts of diversity, inclusion, and identity; and they allow us to engage student learning by specifying what students will know and/or be able to demonstrate as a result of their participation in our efforts.

The D&I Framework is a comprehensive, cohesive, and supportive resource for all Campus Life units and University partners as they incorporate diversity-focused learning outcomes into their efforts targeting students’ academic, social, and personal development. It is adaptable across units and serves as a linkage between the co-curricular and curricular student experience in support of the overall educational mission.

Recently the John H. Pace, Jr. '39 Center for Civic Engagement hosted a Lunch and Learn for Campus Life staff where they shared how they have used the D&I Framework in their work. If you missed the session or would like to listen again, you can access a recording at

If you have questions, please feel free to visit the ODI website or email

The Office of Religious Life is launching a Healing and Grieving Wall to provide a space for our Princeton community to acknowledge loss and remember life as the COVID-19 crisis continues to impact our families, work and circles of friends. 

At this time of global pandemic, when losses are mounting but funerals are not possible, when hearts are breaking alone in physical isolation but we are unable to come together to console one another, we invite you to mourn, to bless, and to remember with us on our Healing and Grieving Wall.

You may use this google form to share information or send remembrances for a loved one who has passed away due to COVID-19.  You may also use this form to ask for prayer for any person or topic that is on your heart. These entries will be published on our page. 

Inclusivity Resources for Employees from Princeton University Human Resources

A Brave Space: Discussion, Learning, and Support

We are convening virtual forums in which participants can share and process their feelings, ask difficult questions, or simply listen quietly. Departments interested in hosting a session should contact HR’s Diversity and Inclusion Team.
Resources for Combatting Racism
We have compiled a list of books, articles, podcasts, and other materials for adults and children to explore and share, with the goal of developing a fuller understanding of the race-related issues that confront our country and the actions needed to address them.
Fostering and Leading in a Culture of Inclusion
We have organized a series of webinars for Princeton employees designed to foster dialogue and enhance participants’ knowledge of and engagement with diversity, equity, and inclusion. Participants will acquire tools that will help them create a more inclusive workplace.
We are also here to listen. If you have ideas on how we, as a University community, can do more to combat racism, please reach out to HR’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion Kimberly Tiedeken.

Professional Development & Wellness Opportunities

Looking for other ways to engage outside of zoom? Discover, Join, and Explore helpful resources for staff! You may add, share, and find resources, activities, and cool ideas! Join the fun by adding to our list via
Employee Learning Center: Health & Wellness Educational Offering
The following virtual class is available through the Employee Learning Center. Please register online through the Employee Learning Center to reserve a "seat" (link:  After logging in, click on "Training by Topic" and then "Health & Wellness."

Campus Life has an extensive pool of talented individuals who have expertise in many different spokes of the Wellness Wheel.  If you're interested in sharing your professional knowledge/experience in health and wellness with the campus community through the Employee Learning Center, please contact Matt Brzycki at
It Must Be True . . . I Read it on the Internet!
Wed Jul 15, 2020
12:00pm to 1:00pm
The Internet is a place where urban myths abound with information/advice being passed around so much over the years that it has been accepted as truth when actually there's little or no factual basis.  Topics for this episode include sea salt; the Body Mass Index; stretching and injury prevention; toning shoes; and spot reduction.
Instructor: Matt Brzycki, Princeton University Campus Recreation

Matt Brzycki is the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness.  He has more than 37 years of experience in strength and fitness at the collegiate level, including the past 29+ years at Princeton University.  Matt has authored eight books, co-authored seven books and edited two books and has authored more than 530 articles/columns on strength and fitness that have been featured in 48 different print publications.


●  Employee Learning Center​ ​(topic-specific courses – online)

●  Employee Resource Groups​ (comprised of faculty and staff who share common backgrounds and interests, and provide opportunities to engage across campus)

●  HR Tools and Materials​ (​templates, worksheets, planning tools)

●  HR-Career Development​ ​(individual coaching sessions for career direction)

●  LinkedIN Learning (previously

Campus Life Shout-Outs

The Campus Life Development Committee is piloting a new initiative to create space for us to share appreciation across the division! 

If you would like to recognize a colleague in the “Campus Life Shout-Outs" sections for the August newsletter, submit here
Please note, shout-outs are listed in alphabetical order by first name. All text was copied from the submission form, so apologies for any typos. 

Alumni Engagement & Experiential Learning Team led by Rachel Jimenez, and with Andria Mirabal '08 and Krystyn Kitto, Center for Career Development
Thank you for reaching out to alumni to create the Internship, Job, and Project Work Opportunities listings which has made a huge difference in the ability of our students with cancelled summers to gain learning and experiential opportunities and build relationships with the alumni who offered them - you changed lives with this initiative!

Amanda Zeltner, Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
Thank you for always asking how you can support your colleagues and being a great brainstorm partner.

Amanda Zeltner, Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
Thank you for your constant support for students and colleagues, and for bravely leading us forward into uncharted waters in our preparations for first-year Orientation and all types of student programming in the months to come!

Amanda Zeltner & Neena Robertson, Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
Neena and Amanda have done a great job navigating the many moving pieces of Orientation, staying organized, and providing additional engagement opportunities for incoming first-year students and student-leaders, thank you for your deep commitment to our students!

Andie Ayala, Office of Religious Life
Congratulations to Andie for getting married in June, and thank you for being a rockstar in making ORL virtual!

Andrew Brown, Colt Murphy, Jenna Mayer, Matt Brzycki, Mike Mix, Athletics and Campus Recreation
Great job to the Campus Rec Facilities and Operations team for all their hard work moving equipment and cleaning up Dillon Gym.

Andria Mirabal, Center for Career Development
Andria showed off her amazing innovation and organization skills by hopping into action in response to covid-19 and coordinating the GoogleDoc list of new summer opportunity postings for students from alumni, which helped so many students in tangible and important ways in a difficult time when their summer plans were suddenly up-ended. Amazing work!

Anthony Archbald, Michael Medley, Jeromey Johnson, Corey Goshkagarian, Athletics and Campus Recreation
Thank you for helping Campus Rec with Locker Clean Out, you were all a huge help for us!
Brian Monsen, Athletics and Campus Recreation
Thank you for processing A LOT of Dillon Gym Membership refunds, getting the Fiscal Year wrapped up and for helping move equipment!
Brighid Dwyer, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
She so generously shared her expertise and thoughtful ideas with our department!

Brighid Dwyer, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Brighid has been selfless with her time and energy in facilitating and guiding conversations on systemic racism and racial injustice with the Athletic Department.

Brighid Dwyer, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Brighid, thank you for your continuous support and positivity - we are so lucky to have you on our team!

Brighid Dwyer, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Big thanks to Brighid Dwyer for always being available to share her expertise when a lot of us are struggling with how best to support anti-racism efforts on and off campus.

Caroline Stone, Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
For being open to facilitating a new summer program to welcome the Class of 2024.
Charlotte Collins, Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Charlotte is a true QUEEN!
Claire Perkins, University Health Services
Big shout-out to Claire Perkins for organizing close-to-flawless pilot testing events this past week.

Dan Bennett, Athletics and Campus Recreation
Dan did a great job of organizing the Dillon Gym equipment moving/installation plan so that we can get our building ready for whenever we can open!

Dave Brown, Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Dave is a great team member. He is very kind, thoughtful, and caring; all of which helps him to easily connect with people at work and in the local community!

Gaeun Seo, Center for Career Development
Gaeun hit the ground running despite her first day being after we moved all meetings to Zoom.

Geralyn Williams, Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Ger just has good vibes. Everyone should try and spend some time around her.

Jarrett Fisher, Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
For being a supportive colleague in considering solutions and opportunities.
Jarrett Fisher, Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
For always being the rock amidst the chaos, the man with the plan, and for giving so much of yourself in so many ways to ensure the best possible experience for Princeton students AND his colleagues: thank you!!!!

Jes Norman, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Jes has been such a positive and thoughtful partner in RISE. Thank you, Jes!
Judy Jarvis, Wintersession & Campus Engagement
Judy is brave. An amazingly kind and thoughtful leader. Your genuineness is magical!

Justin Kazlauskas, Pace Center for Civic Engagement and Center for Career Development
Not only do you keep us all humming here at the Pace Center, but you also share your talents and expertise with our colleagues in the Center for Career Development (and our friends in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese) - I so appreciate your tech skills, know-how, and thoughtful approach!
Kauribel Javier, Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
Kauribel Javier '19 is out here saving democracy! She is leading a group of 26 undergraduates to promote voting as part of the Vote100 campaign.

Kimberly De Los Santos, Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Kimberly is a fantastic leader! She is a great role model, especially for any women of color aspiring to be in a leadership position!
Lexy Parrill Sarstedt, Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
For always asking how she can support colleagues and being a great teammate to brainstorm with.
Lexy Parrill Sarstedt, Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
Thank you for always looking for ways to uplift your colleagues and highlight their hard work, and for being such an amazing support to so many projects and departments on campus.

Maria Lauron-Ramos, Athletics and Campus Recreation
Great job with moving equipment and with your work engaging our staff around social justice, we look forward to the staff development opportunities coming our way.
Meg Rooney, Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Meg, your diligence, creativity, thoughtfulness, and tenacity continue to amaze and inspire me - thank you!

Mell Thompson, Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
Shout out to Mell Thompson for not just working tirelessly on behalf of students, but for being a great colleague, too.
Mollie Marcoux, Athletics and Campus Recreation
Mollie, Thanks for the tireless leadership and support through this difficult time.  
Neena Robertson, Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
For always being open to discuss ideas and ready to adjust to the ever-changing environment.
Nora Osei, Athletics and Campus Recreation
Nora Osei has been a powerful, graceful, transformative force for the Princeton Online Tutoring Network!
Nora Osei, Athletics and Campus Recreation
Nora worked with Pace as the Coordinator for the Princeton Online Tutoring Network and her work for this pilot program was outstanding. Congrats Nora!
Pam Cohen, Center for Career Development
Pam Cohen has organized a wide variety of fun team bonding Zoom activities for our group!

Racheal Jones, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Racheal has been such a help managing many logistics, picking up new tasks when additional assistance was needed, and keeping us all organized with the End of Year close, thank you Racheal!
Sam Shweisky, Athletics and Campus Recreation
Sam has been an amazing leader in the athletic department in our fight against racism and injustice.
Sara Gruppo, Maggie Hussar, Rick Curtis, Caroline Stone, Brighid Dwyer, Pace, ODUS, ODI
For being open and willing to institute a new program to build community among the Class of 2024 and consider new opportunities to existing programs.
Sarah Shouvlin, Timothy Phanthavong, Nora Osei, Athletics and Campus Recreation
Thank you to the Campus Rec Programming team for helping with moving equipment and cleaning up Dillon Gym.

Shelley Jannos, Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
In addition to quickly learning new online systems and overcoming challenging logistics while working remotely, Shelley keeps the team morale high by consistently checking-in on her colleagues and helping us stay connected.

Sohaib Sultan, Office of Religious Life
Thanks and love to Sohaib, who continues to work so hard to lift up the Muslim community even when he is not feeling well!!!

Sue Kim, University Health Services
Sue is doing an incredible job supporting our graduate students, who are having a lot of anxiety about returning to campus.
Valerie Lewis , University Health Services
Dr Lewis is a Genuinely kind and amazingly supportive leader who has really helped us  focus on what’s important as a healthcare team at UHS

Victoria Byrd, Central Office of Vice President for Campus Life 
You keep us informed and are such a critical part of Campus Life - I so appreciate all that you do!

Yee Ho, Center for Career Development
Yee is coordinating the amazing Arts@Work program this summer, featuring alumni in various creative careers that do not use the typical recruiting process and are really hard to break into. 
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