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As the world is continuing to grapple with a global pandemic, we also all monitoring the current stream of protest and racial unrest happening across the country. With many of the protests and unrest happening close to home in Trenton, Princeton, and NYC. Across Campus Life Offices, we know that you are thinking and hopefully talking together about the intense and vital fight for social justice going on in the streets right now. The catalyst being the horrific recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arberry, Tony McDade, and many others at the hands of a system that has continuously held Black and Brown bodies as disinherit to the same rights and privileges as white bodies. However, the need for racial justice is nothing new. We are submerged in a historical moment that has been at the heels of America for centuries. We are witnessing movements of change and enlightenment, calling for the disruption and end of the systematic and institutional oppression of Black bodies. These past few months have further highlighted the disproportionate effect a racist and patriarchal system has on historically marginalized communities, and as such, it has been a difficult time for many of us. 
We are in solidarity with you all as you process and plan and try to grapple with difficult emotions, questions, and conversations. However, that may look for you individually and as an office. To our white and non-Black people of color employees, please keep in mind that your Black colleagues and students especially need you not to stay silent, but to reach out and figure out how to take steps toward anti-racist action, as an office and as a person. We must come together as a community to support one another and provide space and time for healing as well as action. 
We see you.  We hear you.  Moreover, we support you.
Thank you to our colleagues who are holding space for staff to process, and we strongly encourage you all to attend one or more of the upcoming offerings.

In this issue, we bring you:

A few newsworthy items, professional development & wellness opportunities, and Campus Life Shout Outs.

News & Announcements

The Office of Religious Life is launching a Healing and Grieving Wall to provide a space for our Princeton community to acknowledge loss and remember life as the COVID-19 crisis continues to impact our families, work and circles of friends. 

At this time of global pandemic, when losses are mounting but funerals are not possible, when hearts are breaking alone in physical isolation but we are unable to come together to console one another, we invite you to mourn, to bless, and to remember with us on our Healing and Grieving Wall.

You may use this google form to share information or send remembrances for a loved one who has passed away due to COVID-19.  You may also use this form to ask for prayer for any person or topic that is on your heart. These entries will be published on our page. 

Inclusivity Resources for Employees from Princeton University Human Resources

A Brave Space: Discussion, Learning, and Support

We are convening virtual forums in which participants can share and process their feelings, ask difficult questions, or simply listen quietly. Departments interested in hosting a session should contact HR’s Diversity and Inclusion Team.
Resources for Combatting Racism
We have compiled a list of books, articles, podcasts, and other materials for adults and children to explore and share, with the goal of developing a fuller understanding of the race-related issues that confront our country and the actions needed to address them.
Fostering and Leading in a Culture of Inclusion
We have organized a series of webinars for Princeton employees designed to foster dialogue and enhance participants’ knowledge of and engagement with diversity, equity, and inclusion. Participants will acquire tools that will help them create a more inclusive workplace.
We are also here to listen. If you have ideas on how we, as a University community, can do more to combat racism, please reach out to HR’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion Kimberly Tiedeken.

Professional Development & Wellness Opportunities

Looking for other ways to engage outside of zoom? Discover, Join, and Explore helpful resources for staff! You may add, share, and find resources, activities, and cool ideas! Join the fun by adding to our list via
Employee Learning Center: Health & Wellness Educational Offering
The following virtual class is available through the Employee Learning Center. Please register online through the Employee Learning Center to reserve a "seat" (link:  After logging in, click on “Training by Topic” and then “Health & Wellness.”

Campus Life has an extensive pool of talented individuals who have expertise in many different spokes of the Wellness Wheel.  If you’re interested in sharing your professional knowledge/experience in health and wellness with the campus community through the Employee Learning Center, please contact Matt Brzycki at
So, What's for Dinner?
Wed Jun 17, 2020
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Zoom meeting:
This class will sift through the confusion that’s associated with nutrition and weight loss and get right to the “meat and potatoes,” answering the basic question: “What do I make for dinner?”
Instructor: Doug Scott, Director of Strength and Conditioning, The Pingry School (Basking Ridge, New Jersey)

Doug Scott, BS, is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at The Pingry School where he has been employed since 1999.  At Pingry, he designs workouts for both male and female student athletes who compete on a variety of varsity and junior varsity athletic teams.  In addition, Doug teaches an introductory fitness and nutrition course.  He has written a number of fitness-related articles and chapters and speaks at various workshops and clinics.  Doug is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and by Precision Nutrition as a Nutrition Coach.  A triathlete, he completed the Lake Placid Ironman in the summer of 2018.
Anti-Aging Exercises: Core Stability for Life-Long Utility
Tue Jun 23, 2020
2:00pm to 3:00pm
Zoom meeting:
Remaining physically activity is one of the most important contributors to longevity.  Exercise can help to not only add years to your life but also to improve the quality of your life, especially in your later years.  This class will focus on simple ways to improve the stability and flexibility of the spine, hips and shoulders.  An emphasis will be placed on exercises that can be done regardless of fitness level and aid in functional ability for a long and active life.
Instructor: Jim Eatroff, University Health Services

Creating a Wellness Vision
Wed Jun 24, 2020
12:00pm to 12:45pm
Zoom meeting:

Plant the seed for your wellness journey.  Learn how to nourish it and make it come to life.

Instructor: Tina Permar, Health and Fitness Coordinator, Bucks County Community College (Newtown, Pennsylvania)



●  Employee Learning Center​ ​(topic-specific courses – online)

●  Employee Resource Groups​ (comprised of faculty and staff who share common backgrounds and interests, and provide opportunities to engage across campus)

●  HR Tools and Materials​ (​templates, worksheets, planning tools)

●  HR-Career Development​ ​(individual coaching sessions for career direction)

●  LinkedIN Learning (previously

Campus Life Shout-Outs

The Campus Life Development Committee is piloting a new initiative to create space for us to share appreciation across the division! Thank you to all of our colleagues for their hard work this semester. 

If you would like to recognize a colleague in the “Campus Life Shout-Outs" sections for the July newsletter, submit here
Please note, shout-outs are listed in alphabetical order by first name. All text was copied from the submission form, so apologies for any typos. 

Amanda Zeltner & Neena Robertson Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
Thank you for maintaining your focus on welcoming the Class of 2024 with a smooth transition, while juggling and planning many different possible versions of Orientation!
Andie Ayala Office of Religious Life
Andie has done amazing and fast work to shift all our programs online and to create a global audience for them!
Andria Mirabal Center for Career Development
Created and implemented a new program to match students with opportunities offered by alums - giving students meaningful experience this summer.

Anna Phung  Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Anna, you are a fantastic colleague; we are grateful for your hard work and dedication to change.
Anne-Marie Feury University Health Services
Anne-Marie's skills, talents, humor and grace are remarkable and immensely appreciated!
Anne-Marie Feury University Health Services
Anything that Anne-Marie Feury works on is done beautifully!

Brian Monsen  Athletics and Campus Recreation
Brian has been an all-star at leading our business operations within Campus Rec with end of the year budgets, refunds, and more!

Calvin Chin University Health Services
Congratulations to Dr. Calvin Chin for being named an Honorary Class Member for the Class of 2020! A rock star of mental health.

Campus Recreation Team Athletics and Campus Recreation
Team Campus Rec is fantastic! Whether through online exercise classes, the Yellowstone Virtual Walk, or recognizing their senior employees on social media, they have really embraced and thrived in our new virtual community!
Caroline Stone Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
Thank you, Caroline, for all the thought you put into plans and back-up-plans for how OA might provide enriching experiences for students this fall!

Charles Jennings Center for Career Development
Strengthened relationships with employer partners, even during a very uncertain time for recruiting, and led the effort to find an online platform for our fall career fair.
Dave Brown Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Dave, thank you for always supporting our community partners and elevating community need to better leverage university resources such as working to ensure Red Cross Blood Drives continue on-campus during the pandemic!
Dave Brown Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Shout out to Dave Brown for being a truly supportive and encouraging colleague whose brilliance in building relationships benefits our division and our local community.
Dawn Morton Center for Career Development
Kept in close contact with our student staff to make sure they were safe and well, and could continue to keep their jobs remotely.
Derek Griesdorn Athletics and Campus Recreation
Derek's mask production during this trying time is a true testament to his work ethic, generosity, and thoughtfulness.

Diane Cook University Health Services
Simply the nicest person on the planet.
Elsie Sheidler Pace Center for Civic Engagement
I want to be like Elsie when I grow up -- she has been an incredible source of support, direct yet kind feedback, and creative, proactive thinking even in this very stressful time -- all while balancing myriad responsibilities!

Eric Anglero Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Eric did an incredible job creating a virtual Lavender Graduation, it was heart-warming and powerful in a time when we really needed it--thank you Eric!
Eric Anglero Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Eric, you made a challenging year work; you are simply amazing.
Evan Schneider Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Awesome job coming up to speed in a hurry with podcasting!
Gaeun Seo Center for Career Development
Identified specific career needs of graduate students during a difficult economic time and started creating resources and programs to address this - after only being a Princeton for a few days.
Geralyn Williams Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Great job as facilitator of "Let's Talk About" series - you interview like a pro!
Geralyn Williams Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Never losing sight of our values and staying true to our partnership principles, Geralyn was proactive in developing a meaningful set of Zoom community standards which staff now adopt in conducting virtual meetings with community and campus partners. Thank you, Geralyn!
Ginny Gutierrez University Health Services
Ginny is so talented in her support of employees: we are so fortunate to have her.

Hilary Herbold University Health Services
From fantastic dean to now an amazing therapist, is there any occupation Hilary can't master? probably not. Thank you, Hilary!
Irini Daskalaki University Health Services
I am privileged to work with Irini who is truly committed to the well-being of all during this infectious disease pandemic; doing what it takes to get the job done.
Irini Daskalaki University Health Services
Irini is a superstar of infectious disease docs--Covid fears her!

Jackie Deitch-Stackhouse University Health Services
Jackie is a lifesaver and sets the standard for amazing advocates!
Janet Finnie University Health Services
A shout out for the 'can do' energy that you bring to everything you do.
Jenn Spillane Center for Career Development
Amazing work in pushing forward with development of an important new website.

Jes Norman Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Jes, your commitment to the support and wellbeing of our students, is impressive; we are lucky to have you on the team!
Jess Ward Athletics and Campus Recreation
Jess has supported me and had my back in this tough time, taking on extra work to help me out, thank you so much!
Jess Ward Athletics and Campus Recreation
Jess is the BEST - No explanation needed.

Jessica Ward Athletics and Campus Recreation
She’s been such a guiding light throughout this whole pandemic and takes care of her staff.

Jordan Tegtmeyer Center for Career Development
Managed operations to move our team virtual flawlessly.
Jude Oakley University Health Services
Jude is an IT jedi--the tech force is ALWAYS with her!
Judy Jarvis Office of Wintersession & Campus Engagement
A huge round of applause to Judy for leading efforts to turn the Wintersession website into a resource to keep students connected to each other and to campus. Judy also manages to always have a smile on her face too!

Judy Jarvis and Leanna Jahnke Office of Wintersession & Campus Engagement
Judy and Leanna's weekly VCB zooms have been a beacon of hope, creativity and connection.

Justin Kazlauskas Center for Career Development
Managed all the technology needs to onboard two new staff virtually.
Kara Nitti Athletics and Campus Recreation
Kara quickly worked with her staff to offer our group fitness classes virtually as quickly as possible, and she was able to make sure that we had opportunities available for anyone interested! She did not miss a beat!

Kara Nitti Athletics and Campus Recreation
Kara is the Campus Rec Group Exercise Queen!
Kate Coppola Center for Career Development
Awesome leadership in prioritizing and creating resources most needed by students in a virtual setting.
Kathleen Mannheimer Center for Career Development
Kathleen has liaised with Athletics in multiple ways this year, actively participating in both brainstorming programming ideas during coronavirus and executing on new collaborations with coaches, staff, and affiliated alumni, which contributed to more students gaining essential career support during this unusual time.  
Kathy Wagner University Health Services
Brings order and sanity during small and bigger crises - thank you!

Kira O'Brien Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Kira is a rockstar because she represented Pace and and facilitated some great workshops as a proactive, thoughtful member of our inaugural Sophomore Career Kickoff Planning Committee!  
Krist Geist Center for Career Development
Worked with a UAD do awesome data analysis around salary differentials of new grads.

Kristen Palkovich University Health Services
A shout out to Kristen for her generous spirit, incredible quantitative skills, and aesthetic sensibilities, which routinely bring projects to new levels.
Krystyn Kitto Center for Career Development
Created a new program to connect students with alumni - after only days on the job.
Leanna Jahnke Office of Wintersession & Campus Engagement
Leanna has been incredible at turning on a dime to work on virtual engagement, effectively collaborating with other Campus Life employees and supervising a brand-new group of 20 students, hats off to you!
Leanna Jahnke and Judy Javris Office of Wintersession & Campus Engagement
Leanna and Judy make an amazing team and have done an excellent job with virtual programming and wintersession!
Lexy Parrill Sarstedt Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
Lexy, thank you for holding space for students to continue leaning on you for support and for considering various ways to meaningfully build virtual community!
Lou Chen Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Lou stepped up well beyond his role in Arts Outreach to coordinate with COS  in responding to the community need and opportunity to connect with under-represented families and youth in building a Princeton Online Tutoring Network.
Maggie Hussar Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Thank you Maggie for your continued creativity, thoughtfulness and commitment to supporting students in their learning and creating safe spaces for dialogue and reflection!
Manjari Madhusudanan University Health Services
Manjari is the tireless, creative innovator supporting  the operations of the contact tracing team - thank you!
Maria Lauron-Ramos Athletics and Campus Recreation
She handles ANYTHING thrown at her, regardless of the turnaround and she does it with a smile.

Maria Lauron-Ramos Athletics and Campus Recreation
She handles ANYTHING thrown at her, regardless of the turnaround and she does it with a smile.
Maria Lauron-Ramos Athletics and Campus Recreation
Maria is a new employee this year to Campus Recreation, and she has done an amazing job with our social media accounts where she has not only increased our followers, but has offered more virtual engagement through our platforms!

Maria Lauron-Ramos & Jenna Mayer Athletics and Campus Recreation
Maria & Jenna has been absolutely crushing the Campus Recreation social media game!
Mell Thompson Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
Thank you, Mell, for the countless hours you've spent supporting students and managing difficult situations.
Micaela Ensminger Center for Career Development
Micaela has thoughtfully participated in Campus Life Diversity & Inclusion efforts and conversations and also done a wonderful job of taking the lead on Center for Career Development diversity efforts while managing the core responsibilities of her role beautifully.
Michael Caddell Center for Career Development
Mike, thank you for being such a thoughtful and inclusive communicator and colleague; as times shift and change the Center for Career Development is lucky to have you guiding the way on how to share and keep everyone informed.
Mike Caddell Center for Career Development
Amazing at getting our resources online so students could continue to have access.
Mollie Marcoux Samaan Athletics and Campus Recreation
Mollie Marcoux Samaan Athletics and Campus Recreation
A shout-out to Mollie Marcoux Samaan for her tireless work in helping steer our department through these challenging times and for listening to and advocating strongly for our student-athletes and coaches. 

Mollie Samaan Athletics and Campus Recreation
Mollie's positivity and tremendous leadership has kept us afloat during an incredibly difficult time; she has been our rock.
Nathalie Edmond University Health Services
Nathalie has given so much in her time at Princeton and will be sorely missed!
Orientation Team - Amanda Zeltner, Neena Robertson, Rick Curtis, Caroline Stone, Sara Gruppo, Maggie Hussar, Brighid Dwyer Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
Thank you for your work in reimagining how to provide experiences that support and welcome the Class of 2024 into our community!
Pam Cohen Center for Career Development
Pam both actively shares ideas and participates in the Campus Life Professional Development committee, trying out new initiatives to help our colleagues grow and develop, and also leads the Center for Career Development Team Culture committee, which has intentionally provided a wide array of touchpoints to help the center stay connected virtually this spring in addition to carrying out its usual activities.
Pasquale Frisina University Health Services
With his Sigma Six black belt, poor quality never had a chance! Go Pasquale!
Princeton Student Agencies Staff- Jessica Popkin, Jarrett Fisher, and Margaret Lee Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students
Thank you for your work supporting move-out this spring and for continuing to make Princeton feel like home for those living on campus!
Rachel Jimenez Center for Career Development
Implemented a massive amount of programming for alumni to share stories, advice, and information with students.
Rose Holton Pace Center for Civic Engagement
A shout-out for Rose Holton for the joy she brings in our staff meeting energizers!
Sara Gruppo Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Sara, I am so grateful to call you a colleague at the Pace Center - from balancing life as a mom and teacher and employee, to always approaching your responsibilities with intention, care, and strategic brilliance, you inspire me to do my best and keep sight of what's possible (thank you)!
Sara Gruppo Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Phenomenal in her care, agility to adapt, and her respect for the integrity of the student orientation experience, Sara is an exemplar for what campus life represents to the life of a Princeton student.
Sara Gruppo  Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Sara Gruppo worked with her Orientation team and colleagues to be among the first to pivot and coordinate meaningful and responsive programming for the seriously great class of 2024.
Sasha Steinlight University Health Services
Sasha has gone above and beyond during the pandemic, bringing calmness and common sense in all discussions.
Satomi Chudasama Center for Career Development
Created amazing and critically important cohort groups for students to learn and share.

Satomi Chudasama Center for Career Development
Satomi thoughtfully collaborated with colleagues across Campus Life and other colleagues in the University to identify opportunities to better serve students pursuing internships and fellowships and following up to share career support available through the Center for Career Development.

Soeurette Germain Tattegrain Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Balancing the certainty/uncertainty of budgets with the transition of a whole new set of program finances with PICS joining the Pace Center has been an exemplar of Soeurette's steady, methodical, and thoughtful work approach.

Sonya Satinsky University Health Services
People feel healthier just by being around Sonya--she's a wellbeing guru!

Tennille Haynes Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Tennille is a constant ray of sunshine; she always brings positive energy to the work she does and the conversations she has!

Theresa Thames Office of Religious Life
Thank you Theresa for being an incredible support for staff and seeming to know intuitively who needs your outreach--I appreciate you so much!

Valerie Lewis University Health Services
A shout out to Valerie Lewis for doing such a wonderful job serving as interim medical director!

Victoria Yu Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Victoria, you stepped up and made things happen; thank you for pulling off the cultural celebrations!!
A special thank you to the 2019-2020 Campus Life Development Committee Members! Thank you for your commitment and hard work this past year. 

LaTanya Buck, Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, Office of the Vice President for Campus Life

Chris Burkmar, Executive Director for Planning and Administration, Office of the Vice President for Campus Life 

Executive Committee:
Co-chairs of each subcommittee

Social Engagement Subcommittee:

Dan Bennett, Associate Director of Campus Recreation, Facilities & Operations, Athletics 

Joanne Campagnoli-Sismondo (co-chair), Associate Dean for Student Programming, Office of Religious Life 

Heather Mayer, Administrative Coordinator, SHARE, University Health Services

Andria Mirabal, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement & Experiential Learning, Center for Career Development 

Jessica Muroff, Assistant Director for Business Operations, Athletics

Jes Norman (co-chair), Program Coordinator, Office of Diversity & Inclusion 

Lexy Parrill-Sarsedt, Orientation Program Coordinator, Office of  the Dean of Undergraduate Students

Claire Pinciaro, Leadership Program Coordinator, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students 

Geralyn Williams, Program Coordinator, Pace Center 

Professional Development Subcommittee: 

Darleny Cepin, Director of Student Life, Mathey College, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students 

Katherine Clifton, Coordinator, Religion and Forced Migration Initiative, Office of Religious Life 

Pam Cohen, Associate Director, Career Advising, Center for Career Development 

Jess Deutsch, Associate Director, Student-Athlete Services, Athletics 

Judy Jarvis (co-chair), Director, Wintersession & Campus Engagement, Office of the Vice President for Campus Life

Anne Laurita, Project Manager, TigerWell Initiative, University Health Services 

Jessica Ward (co-chair), Associate Director of Athletics for Campus Recreation, Athletics 

Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee: 

Anthony Archbald, Executive Associate Director of Athletics, Athletics 

Alison Boden (co-chair), Dean of Religious Life and the Chapel, Office of Religious Life 

Micaela Ensminger, Assistant Director, Career Advisor, Center for Career Development 

Tennille Haynes (co-chair), Director, Fields Center, Office of Diversity & Inclusion 

Hilary Herbold, Psychologist, University Health Services 

Garrett Meggs, Director of Student Life, Wilson College, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students 

Elsie Scheidler, Senior Associate Director, Pace Center 

Amanda Zeltner, Associate Dean for Student Programming, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students 

Communications Subcommittee: 

Andie Ayala, Communications Specialist, Office of Religious Life 

Bryant Blount (co-chair), Assistant Dean/ Manager of Communications, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students 

Victoria Byrd, Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice President for Campus Life 

Mike Caddell, Senior Associate Director of Strategic Communications & Marketing, Center for Career Development 

Ian Deas, Assistant Dean, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students 

Sara Gruppo (co-chair), Program Director, Community Action, Pace Center

Sandra Presby-Schreyer, Assistant to Nursing Manager, University Health Services 

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