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Happy New Year to you, <<First Name>>!
It may be cold outside here in Masachusetts, but January is glowing with possibilities! I want to "get right to it" with this Enews...because I your time is valuable, and so are the opportunities!

1) "Game Changer" for 2019- Skip the Resolution and Find Your WORD!
Many of you chose a WORD or phrase in 2018 to set an intention. I'd love to hear how this WORD influenced your life- simply reply or visit my Facebook page and share.  Now, what about 2019? What worked in 2018? What didn't? What would you like to change? The key to creating change or taking actions that stick, is to imagine how you will feel when you reach your goal. Find a WORD or phrase that represents that feeling. If your goal is a feeling state, there will lots of positive energy behind it and you! 

Want to know more? Contact me for a free 1 to 1 chat, or join my free live session on 1/18 at noon! If you are ready to dive DEEP, check out my "Creating Your Ideal Life in 2019" Program- a $480 value for $149!!

2) Finding My Voice: A LIVE ONLINE 5 Part Series 4 Women 
(Begins 1/29 @8 pm or 1/30 @12 pm)

Do you find that you sometimes "shrink back" from saying what you think, wearing clothing you love, setting boundaries around self care time for you, or generally leading a life that you love? Somewhere in our lives, whether via our parents, their parents, our culture or society (or all of the above), we learned to shrink ourselves and our voices out of safety or because we didn't feel connected, loved or appreciated by those around us. Unspoken (and spoken) rules created painful inner voices, that for many of us, let to disconnect with our true voice-the voice of our heart and soul.

If you are ready to discover and/or speak your truth; if even a small part of you wants to be honored for exactly who you are by heart-centered women; if you are ready to tune into what your heart wants and gain tools and experience speaking  your truth, then click here to learn more. Affordable. Empowering. 
(Note: There will be a LIVE Q & A Session about this series on 1/23 @ noon, which will be posted on Facebook and Instagram afterwards. Follow either for details.)

3) "Be Me" Monthly Gathering Next Date: 1/27 at 6:30 pm, $5
 Amethyst Brook Wellness Center, Amherst, MA
I offer this uplifting, transformative space to you- a place where your voice will be heard, where you will be seen as the beautiful soul that you are. Each month, we will share in activities that reignite our natural abilities to listen fully, connect deeply, rest and relax, release that which no longer serves us, and offer each other empowering support when wanted. Here you can put down your social mask and rest. In this MONTLHY space, your spirit, your soul, your true self can be free. Click here for more info and to register.

4) The Listening Line
Yes, YOU ARE WORTHY of BEING HEARD... Your thoughts, feelings, ideas and voice MATTER. That's why I've created The Listening Line. Sometimes we just want to be heard. We just want the words to escape our lips. We don't want advice. We don't want coaching. We want a judgement free, safe space to speak our truth. As a trained Facilitator, Coach, Women Within Circle Facilitator, and as someone who has been in this place MANY times, I'm here for you. I want to BE THE CHANGE. Connect for 10 and 20 minutes, and rest in knowing that you were truly heard. Click here for more info.
What's Your WORD 2019
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Invitation to Play, to "Be the Change"
Have you been inspired by my jewelry or my coaching work?
While I  believe in the power of intention and "magic", it takes effort to build a business. Isolation is a dream killer & it's our connections who empower us to thrive.
(Watch this video by Barbara Sher. It's incredible & spot on!)

It is my mission to create opportunities for individuals, neighborhoods, families, coaches and more to thrive. It's my mission to help people find the courage to create the changes they desire in their lives.
Won't you join me?
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Together we can change the world. Thank you. 
Tracie Beasley, Nature to Nurture Life Coaching
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