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Feast of St. Haralambos the Priest-Martyr

Wednesday, February 10th
In our Church Building
Orthros | 8:30 am
Divine Liturgy | 9:30 am
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Small Paraklesis to the Theotokos

Wednesday, February 10th
In our Church Building | 6:00 pm
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Pray with us the Divine Services for the

Feast of St. Haralambos the Priest-Martyr

On this day, the 10th of February, we commemorate the holy, glorious and victorious priest-martyr: St. Haralambos the Wonderworker...

St. Haralambos, Bishop of Magnesia (Asia Minor), successfully spread faith in Christ the Savior, guiding people on the way to salvation. News of his preaching reached Lucian, the governor of the district, and the military commander Lucius. The saint was arrested and brought to trial, where he confessed his faith in Christ and refused to offer sacrifice to idols. Despite the bishop’s advanced age (he was 113 years old), he was subjected to monstrous tortures. They lacerated his body with iron hooks, and scraped all the skin from his body. During this the saint turned to his tormentors, “I thank you, brethren, that you have restored my spirit, which longs to pass over to a new and everlasting life!” Seeing the Elder’s endurance and his complete lack of malice, two soldiers (Porphyrios and Baptos) openly confessed Christ, for which they were immediately beheaded with a sword. Three women who were watching the sufferings of St. Haralambos also began to glorify Christ, and were quickly martyred.

He persecution continued, both in his city and in the capital city.  The more they tortured the saint, the more God protected him.  
During these tortures and miracles, a multitude of witnesses came to believe in Christ. Among them also were his persecutors.  Many miracles were worked through his prayers: he raised a dead youth, and healed a man tormented by devils for thirty-five years, so that many more people began to believe in Christ the Savior.

Finally, St. Haralambos was beheaded with a sword. During his final prayer, the heavens opened and the saint saw the Savior and a multitude of angels. The holy martyr asked Him to grant that the place where his relics would repose would never suffer famine or disease. He also begged that there would be peace, prosperity, and an abundance of fruit, grain, and wine in that place, and that the souls of these people would be saved. The Lord promised to fulfill his request and ascended to heaven, and the soul of the hieromartyr Haralambos followed after Him. By the mercy of God, the saint died before he could be executed. His followers and fellow believers in Christ buried the martyr’s body with great honor.

Dear Faithful of Annunciation,

As we continue to worship while still adhering to COVID-19 precautions and safety measures, please remember that regular social distancing and wearing of masks will be closely followed on our parish grounds.

Late Friday evening, February 6th, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the South Bay United Pentecost Church v. Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, stating that California can no longer continue with a ban on indoor church services. This is the second ruling in the past few months in which the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutional right of religious freedom.  While the ruling was in favor of Churches in the State of California, the state can limit worship to 25% occupancy, which is at least at par with similar businesses/infrastructures. 

With this ruling as our legal protection, and with the number of cases decreasing in the Greater Sacramento area, we are excited to welcome you back into our physical church building to pray and worship.  

Please join us to pray the Small Paraklesis to the Theotokos, every Wednesday at 6:00 pm.  Also this week, we will be celebrating the Divine Services for the Feast of St. Haralambos the Priest-Martyr on Wednesday, February 10th.

If you are able, healthy, and comfortable, we invite you to pray and celebrate with us, in person, in church.  Masks, contact tracing, and social distancing protocols will, of course, be in place. 
As always, our services will continue to be broadcast via our live-stream.

We look forward to praying and celebrating with you in person this week, as well as on Sunday, February 14th for the Divine Liturgy and the Sunday of the Canaanite Woman.
With love in Christ,
Fr. James Retelas 
Presiding Priest
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