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Click on images below for tapping trees or milling lumber, sustainable skills from the 1800s.

From If Trees Could Talk:
"In late winter, James had tapped the sugar maples, and the freedom of hunting and farming was still in his nature and yearnings. His longing emerged during bedtime stories with the girls that night.
“Do not bore holes closer than two feet directly over or under a former tap hole or closer than six inches from the side of an old tap hole.” He’d explain to his weary-eyed children on their way to sleep. “Drill the tap hole with a slight upward angle so the sap flows out readily. Use a sharp drill bit to minimize shredding wood in the tap hole...the little women went to sleep not knowing if there were different names for Maple trees like there were different names in the Franklin family?

UPDATE on Masters of The Air [Apple TV] Miniseries (shared from Stalag III Newsletter)


Mill Backyard Lumber (click on the photo for a video)

When three of our pines died, the thought of them decomposing and releasing the carbon they stored for decades was daunting. In September of 2019 we scheduled cutting three pine trees from our backyard into eight-foot sections lhat were piled to cure over the winter. In early Spring logs were milled into posts and planks. Milled wood was stacked for further curing while plans were finalized. The lumber was sealed  with Australian Oil. Rough cut siding and insulation wrapped the frame built on a concrete pad. Insulation, windows and a door finished the structure for three-seasons. 

From If Trees Could Talk-
"...the thrice abandoned log cabin glowed from the firelight within. The constant hum of crickets, cicadas and frogs enveloped a patch along the grassy creek, with a tidy fenced vegetable garden in front.  a silhoutted figure walked past the light, momentarily eclipsing the flicker.  Peeking through the single-paned window, a young boy played by the hearth with wooden blocks"

Christmas in Stalag III (shared by the Stalag III Newsletter)

Untold History Magazine published Margot's short Story, Mumurations in February 2022.
“Billie Holiday’s rendition of “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess began.
     "Irene would you like to dance? Mac took her gloved hand in his and they disappeared onto the dance floor. Her hand lightly, gracefully, welcomed his. His hand gently, shyly supported hers. Their two sets of blue eyes met. They turned and dipped to a living that was easy, becoming increasingly oblivious to their summertime surroundings. Mac twirled Irene, who lightly spun on her right toe. The world was just the two of them.""

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