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I ended up on a forced phone detox.

My phone crashed on the first day of a long weekend vacation. I couldn't restart it. I couldn't charge it. It was gone. 

It was also about this time that my hosts informed me the house didn't have wifi. 

Over a week later, I still don't have a phone. It's getting repaired (thanks, motherboard crash taking a week+ to repair). 

It was this phone crash that led to no newsletter last week because I couldn't get the 2FA disabled to log into my mailchimp account (sorry about that!). 

But I thought I'd make it an experiment. I started paying attention to what changed in my life. 

A few things happened to me:
- I couldn't go on Instagram (a tragedy, truly)
- I suddenly didn't have an alarm clock
- I couldn't get into Mailchimp because of text-based 2FA
- I didn't know what time it was

BUT, a few good things happened to me:
- I slept more deeply
- I paid more attention to the world (because I couldn't stare at my screen)
- I found myself less anxious after about 5 days of no phone

I can't lie - I really want my phone back. I need it to run my business. But it was interesting to see how many workarounds now exist in the world - whether they be new apps like Zoom for phone calls or old school things like, well, getting an alarm clock. 

So this is my long-winded way of apologizing for no newsletter last week. But also I hope you consider your own phone detox (on your own terms).... it really feels good. 

If you're new here, welcome.

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With gratitude and until next time, 

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