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Deepnews Digest #14

Under the Influencers

Time marches on, and every minute a couple dozen people have been joining TikTok, which now clocks in as one of the most popular social networks among teens. With its rise since its launch one year ago it has brought a new crop of “influencers,” a subject that touches not just on tech and culture but increasingly on business. The scoring algorithm brought together the most value added stories on the topics of both “TikTok” and “influencers” from around the English speaking world. Here are the top 25.

Ranking Story Source
1 The Irish Times
2 MotherJones
3 Forbes
4 Vox
5 The Atlantic
6 The Verge
7 The Financial Express
8 Medium Blog
9 The Wall Street Journal
10 Economic Times (Times of India)
11 New Statesman
12 The Atlantic
13 Venture Beat
14 Techcrunch
15 Quartz
16 The Guardian
17 Data Driven Perspective
18 Economic Times (Times of India)
19 AdWeek
20 Financial Times
21 Forbes
22 ZDnet
23 Economic Times (Times of India)
24 The Strategist (ASPI)
25 CBS News
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