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Deepnews Digest #18

Ebola, Looking Back and Back Again

This past month marked the five year anniversary of Ebola being declared an international public health emergency after an outbreak in West Africa. Looks backwards towards that response are now mixed with fears over the current crisis unfolding in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well hopes for a new Ebola vaccine. This week's Deepnews Digest looks at the top articles on the subject of Ebola for the past month.

Ranking Story Source
1 The Hill
2 The Conversation
3 Reuters
4 Bloomberg
5 Nature
6 Time
7 VOA News
8 The New York Times
9 The Japan Times
10 Al Jazeera
11 The Conversation
12 The New Times | Rwanda
13 The Conversation
14 Xinhua
15 Scienmag
16 Bloomberg
17 The Conversation
18 The Telegraph
19 The Hill
20 The Conversation
21 The New Yorker
22 Wired
23 The Japan Times
24 Slate
25 The East African
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