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Deepnews Digest #24

The Deepnews on ... 3D Printing

One tragic detail of the Halle synagogue story is that the gunman had a gun with 3D-printed parts, and authorities later discovered a 3D printer in his childhood bedroom. The last week also saw happier stories about how 3D printing can be used in space travel, though there is no denying that the technology is beginning to play a bigger role in everyday life. This digest is on the general subject of 3D printing, with articles ranked by the Deepnews scoring algorithm.

Ranking Story Source
1 Spiegel
2 Wired
3 Army Times
4 Hackaday
5 The New York Times
6 Lehigh University
7 The Hill
8 Cornell University
9 3D Print
10 Tech Xplore
11 3D Printing Industry
12 3D Printing Industry
13 The Telegraph
14 Argonne National Laboratory
15 The Independent
16 University of Delaware
17 The Irish Times
18 AFP
19 Financial Times
20 3D Printing Industry
21 Forbes
22 3D Print
23 3D Printing Industry
24 The New York Times
25 Venture Beat
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