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Deepnews Digest #26

Everywhere Around the World, Taking to the Street

The list of countries facing mass protests in 2019 continues to grow, with Hong Kong joined by others including Catalonia, Iraq, Chile, and Lebanon. The last of these saw prime minister Saad Hariri step down this past week. Getting quality information on all these movements is tough, though the Deepnews scoring algorithm can help sort through the crowd with this week's top 25.

Ranking Story Source
1 New Statesman
2 The New Yorker
3 The Guardian
5 Open Democracy
7 Reuters
8 AP
9 Evrensel (Turkey)
10 South China Morning Post
11 The Diplomat
12 The Atlantic
13 The New York Times
14 Al Monitor
15 Middle East Eye
16 Al Monitor
17 The Irish Times
18 Asia Times
19 Counterpunch
20 Novara Media
21 Straits Times
22 South China Morning Post
23 The Globe Post
24 National Interest
25 The Guardian
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