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Deepnews Digest #25

It All WeWorked Out for Adam Neumann

This week saw the latest steps in the saga of WeWork's IPO that wasn't, with funder SoftBank coming to the rescue to save the struggling startup. What caught many observers' eyes was the package that CEO Adam Neumann got on his departure, worth a reported $1.7 billion. Broader questions have also been raised about the idea of tech "unicorns" in general. Here are the top articles of the week on WeWork and unicorns, ranked by the Deepnews scoring algorithm.

Ranking Story Source
1 The Irish Times
2 Business Insider
3 Financial Review
4 Financial Times
5 Quartz
6 The Wall Street Journal
7 Forbes
8 Financial Times
9 The Atlantic
10 Crain's New York
11 Business Insider
12 Bloomberg
13 The Guardian
14 The New York Times
15 The New York Times
16 Bloomberg
17 Vox
19 London Evening Standard
20 Barron's
21 The Atlantic
22 Business Times
23 Prof. Galloway
24 The Outline
25 Reuters
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