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Deepnews Digest #22

Ripe for Impeachment?

Announced at the end of September, the last week has given the world a whirlwind of stories diving into President Trump's pressure on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate the dealings of Joe Biden's son. Reporting into what exactly happened on the pair's calls will now mix with coverage of the impeachment proceedings, a storyline in themselves, on top of the ongoing Democratic primary campaign. is here to help cut through some of the clutter, and can present the 25 best rated articles from the past week on the subject of impeachment.

Ranking Story Source
1 Politico
2 The Atlantic
3 Vox
4 The Washington Post
5 The New York Times
6 The Wall Street Journal
7 The Washington Post
8 The Washington Post
9 The New York Times
10 The Washington Post
11 The Atlantic
12 FiveThirtyEight
13 Business Insider
14 NPR
15 The Washington Post
16 Politico
17 The Guardian
18 The Washington Post
19 The Daily Beast
20 The Atlantic
21 Foreign Policy
22 CJR
23 The Hill
24 The New Yorker
25 The New York Times
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