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Deepnews Digest #10

Iran's Enrichment Revived

The Iranian government has announced that it has breached the measures set out in the deal to curb its nuclear program, stepping up its production of enriched uranium. The story has set off a flurry of international response, with intersecting storylines from the geopolitical, economic and even military fields. Here is a selection of the 25 top stories on the subject of Iran’s nuclear program, harvested and ranked by the scoring algorithm.

Ranking Story Source
1 The Economist
2 The New York Times
3 Foreign Policy
4 Politico Europe
5 The New York Times
6 The Jerusalem Post
7 Middle East Eye
8 The Atlantic
9 The Wall Street Journal
10 The Guardian
11 Mehr News Agency
12 The Hindu
13 The Jerusalem Post
14 The Economist
15 The Hindu
16 Haaretz
17 The New York Times
18 Bourse & Bazaar
19 Tehran Times
20 The Globe and Mail
21 The Wall Street Journal
22 Dawn
23 The New York Times
24 Bloomberg
25 BBC
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