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Deepnews Digest #13

Street smarts

Super-efficient transport, energy and water monitoring, maybe a fake moon? The term “smart cities” has become a buzzword for those looking to innovate the way that urban planners and politicians build life in urban centers, though what exactly that term looks like is different when applied in Toronto or Tamil Nadu. The scoring algorithm brought together the most value-added stories on the topic from around the English speaking world. Here are the top 25 published in the last two weeks.

Ranking Story Source
1 The Wall Street Journal
2 Brookings
3 Bangkok Post
4 Financial Times
5 Tech Xplore
6 The Washington Post
7 The New York Times
8 Computer Weekly
9 The Conversation
10 GCN
11 The Conversation
12 Bloomberg
13 The Conversation
14 Forbes
15 The Hindu
16 Sunday Guardian Live
17 The ODI
18 Techcrunch
19 Bangkok Post
20 Bangkok Post
21 GCN
22 Computer Weekly
23 Forbes
24 Axios
25 GCN
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