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Deepnews Digest #12

FaceApp Faces Facts

FaceApp, the program that lets users manipulate their likeness in new and interesting ways, reared its head again last week. But following everyone’s fun came the backlash over privacy and the app’s Russian origin, and then the backlash to the backlash, sparking a real debate over data, borders and facial recognition software. Here is a selection of the 25 top stories on the subject of FaceApp, harvested and ranked by the scoring algorithm.

Ranking Story Source
1 Forbes
2 The Ringer
3 The New York Times
4 Vox
5 Techradar
6 The Atlantic
7 The New York Times
8 The New York Times
9 The Atlantic
10 The Washington Post
11 The New York Times
12 Forbes
13 The Daily Beast
14 Techcrunch
15 Business Insider
16 Slash Gear
17 The New York Magazine
18 Forbes
19 Wired
21 The Wall Street Journal
22 Bloomberg
23 Forbes
25 The Conversation
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