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Deepnews Digest #23

Ankara Attacks

The tangled web of alliances and enemies in the Middle East saw one of its threads cut this week as the U.S. allowed Turkish forces to attack the Kurdish troops it had supported in Syria. Beyond those countries directly involved, Erdogan's move into the territory has repercussions for Europe and the rest of the world. Here are the top 25 articles on Turkish military action in Syria, as harvested and rated by the scoring algorithm.

Ranking Story Source
1 Indypendent
2 Daily Sabah
3 Asia Times
4 The Washington Examiner
5 Evrensel
6 The Washington Post
7 MotherJones
8 The Atlantic
9 Vox
10 The Washington Post
11 Foreign Policy
12 The Telegraph
13 The Wall Street Journal
14 Coin Desk
15 Financial Times
16 The New York Times
17 CNN
18 AFP
19 AP
20 The EU Observer
21 National Review
22 National Interest
23 Daily Signal
24 The Telegraph
25 Bennington Banner
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